Government of Yukon

June 27, 2013

Yukon government plans to modernize permit regime under Environment Act

WHITEHORSE – The Government of Yukon is moving forward on its commitment to update its environmental protection regime. Beginning today, the government is seeking public comment on how permits are issued under the Environment Act.

“The Yukon government wants to ensure that the permitting process fairly reflects the technical issues, costs and risks to public and environmental health,” Environment Minister Currie Dixon said. “These changes would also simplify the process and make it more transparent.”

The proposed permits regime responds to long-standing concerns about the current rules and simplifies permit provisions to create one flexible, cost-effective process. The proposed changes include:

  • Changing permit duration from an arbitrary three year term for all permits, regardless of activity or risk, to a maximum of 10 years, with different terms possible for different types of activities;
  • Eliminating application fees in order to make it easier to apply for a permit and enhance compliance; and
  • Formalizing review fees so that proponents of large or complex projects cover all costs associated with a technical review of their permit applications.

In addition to the public review, Environment Yukon will contact all permit holders to let them know of the proposed changes and invite comments. The 60 day review will end on August 31.

The Environment Act has eight regulations that deal with permitted activities. The regulations that will be affected deal with air emissions, contaminated sites, designated materials, ozone-depleting substances and other halocarbons, pesticides, solid waste, special waste and storage tanks. Approximately 500 permits are currently issued under these regulations.

The Environment Act sets out how the Yukon government supports sustainable development, while protecting essential relationships between living things, recognizing at all times the importance of a healthy, natural environment.

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Matthew Grant
Cabinet Communications
Nancy Campbell
Communications, Environment Yukon

News Release #13-164