Government of Yukon

June 3, 2013

Registrar of Societies settles suit against former Humane Society Yukon directors*

WHITEHORSE— The Registrar of Societies, in cooperation with Humane Society Yukon, has settled claims against the former directors of the society. Humane Society Yukon will receive $61,359 in damages for the former directors’ failure to comply with certain statutory and contractual obligations under the Societies Act.

“I am pleased that the new board has fulfilled all its outstanding obligations,” Registrar of Societies Fred Pretorius said. “Humane Society Yukon is now in compliance with the Societies Act.”

During the legal process, the Registrar of Societies acted as public trustee on behalf of Humane Society Yukon, recognizing the importance of the society’s role in the community.

“We really appreciate the efforts of the registrar and the Department of Justice in seeing this through for us,” Humane Society Yukon president Hoby Irwin said. “They've gone out of their way to be helpful and include the Humane Society Yukon in this action when they really didn't have to. I think what everyone should take away from this is to follow the rules and when things start to slide, go get help rather than persist in doing it wrong. We thank them for helping Humane Society Yukon get back on track. We're back!”

This settles the civil suit against the past board members, but does not affect the prosecution of these board members in the territorial court for non-compliance with the registrar’s orders issued under the Societies Act. Three of the previous board members have pleaded guilty and were sentenced to two years’ probation that prohibits them from serving as board members of any organization registered under the Societies Act. The past board president has pleaded not guilty and will appear in court in September for trial.



Bonnie Venton Ross
Communications, Community Services


*The original heading, 'Registrar of Societies and Humane Society Yukon settle damages suit', was changed to clarify that the suit was not between the Registrar of Societies and Humane Society Yukon but between the Registrar of Societies and former society directors.

News Release #13-147