Government of Yukon

May 8, 2013

New secure phone system at Whitehorse Correctional Centre

WHITEHORSE—The Whitehorse Correctional Centre is installing a secure inmate telephone system that will increase safety and security at the correctional centre, as well as for victims of crime.

“We are pleased to enter into a five-year agreement with WiMacTel Canada Inc. to provide a managed inmate telephone system,” Justice Minister Mike Nixon said. “This marks another step in the modernization of the correctional infrastructure in Yukon.”

The new, cost-effective system is paid for by inmate user fees and includes a number of features that will increase public safety and empower victims of crime.

  • Calls from the correctional centre will be identified and called parties can choose whether or not they wish to receive the call; 
  • Individuals, such as victims, can have their number blocked if they do not want to receive calls from the correctional centre or from a specific individual; 
  • Calls will be recorded and with reasonable cause, can be reviewed by Corrections. This will help to prevent illegal activities being conducted from the correctional centre; and 
  • Legal and other privileged calls will remain private and will not be recorded.

“The Government of Yukon is committed to protecting victims of crime from further victimization,” Nixon added. “This new inmate phone system carefully balances the rights of inmates with the need to protect victims of crime and prevent illegal activities.”

Staff training on the new system is underway and communication with inmates and stakeholder groups is beginning this week.

This technology has proven to be very effective in jurisdictions across Canada and will be operational at the end of May.



Matthew Grant
Cabinet Communications
Shari-Lynn MacLellan
Communications, Justice

News Release #13-122