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April 9, 2013

Grade 4 Yukon student publishes e-book based on experiences in Panama

WHITEHORSE—Golden Horn Elementary School Grade 4 student Maible Matrishon has written, photographed and self-published an e-book based on her experiences living on an island near Bocas del Toro, Panama.

“Writing and publishing a book at such a young age shows impressive creativity and energy,” Education Minister Scott Kent said. “Maible should be proud of her accomplishment; I look forward to seeing more work by this young author in the future.”

Matrishon wrote the book while spending time with her family on a private island where they worked to build a house, among other projects. Island Experiences is a fictional take on life in the Bocas del Toro area and follows an older Maible through the highs, lows and sometimes comedic circumstances that come with having your own island.

“In the process of building the house and the sheds . . . it’s really funny sometimes, what happens down there, because you’ll order something and it doesn’t come with the right part, or something’s missing—it’s just a different way of doing things,” Matrishon said.

Maible is an avid writer, yet never considered publishing any of her work before Island Experiences.

“I like writing. In school, language arts is my favourite subject,” Matrishon explained. “I read a lot, but I’ve never written a book before.”

Matrishon especially enjoys reading books by Agatha Christie, who is a distant relative of hers. It was while working on a heritage project about her family history that she became inspired by Christie’s work and decided to try to publish one of her stories. Her stepfather came up with the idea of publishing online and her mother helped with editing.

Matrishon has written many other stories and is currently working on her personal heritage project for school. She hopes to write more books in the future and says she is considering a career as a writer.

“I just like making up stories and seeing how many words I can write,” Matrishon added.

Island Experiences is a Kindle e-book, available for download on and



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