Government of Yukon

March 25, 2013

Yukon government to amend the Education Act

WHITEHORSE—Education Minister Scott Kent tabled an Act to Amend the Education Act in the legislature today. The amendments will increase the number of hours students are in class and the number of professional development hours for teachers, as well as enable school council elections to be held in the spring.

“Our priority is to provide quality education for Yukon students,” Kent said. “The aim of these changes to the Education Act is to improve student success through increased student-teacher time, additional teacher training time and more time for elected school council members to learn their roles prior to the beginning of the school year.”

Under current legislation, Yukon students are scheduled to be in school for fewer hours per year than students in many other jurisdictions in Canada. The proposed increase of 15 hours of instructional time per year would result in students receiving 950 hours of instructional time annually.

With the proposed amendments, teachers would receive an additional 15 hours of professional development time per year. This will enable Yukon Education to ensure that all teachers have equal opportunity to receive training and continue to employ best practices for the benefit of all students.

The Education Act currently requires that school council members be elected in September, after the school year has already begun. With the proposed amendments, school council members would be elected in May, prior to the beginning of the school year.



Matthew Grant
Cabinet Communications
Christopher Madden
Communications, Education

News Release #13-069