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March 22, 2013

Prevention of Violence Against Aboriginal Women Fund recipients announced

WHITEHORSE—Six recipients are receiving funding from the Prevention of Violence Against Aboriginal Women Fund, Minister responsible for the Women’s Directorate Elaine Taylor announced today.

Projects funded through this program are designed by and delivered for Aboriginal women to help prevent violence in their communities. This year there are four one-year projects and two projects that will span two years.

“These six projects utilize innovative approaches to preventing and reducing violence in the lives of Aboriginal women in Yukon,” Taylor said. “This includes engaging men who choose not to be violent and an Elder mentor program to assist Aboriginal women at the women’s shelter and in second stage housing.”

Since the development of the Prevention of Violence Against Aboriginal Women Fund in 2004, the Women’s Directorate has contributed approximately $1.5 million dollars towards projects. The fund was established to help address the disproportionate levels of violence experienced by Aboriginal women in Yukon. Due to a high demand for monetary support, the fund was doubled to $200,000 annually in 2009.

The following groups will receive one year of funding for 2013/14:

  • Kwanlin Dün First Nation $25,000
  • Liard Aboriginal Women’s Society $25,000 
  • Whitehorse Aboriginal Women’s Circle $25,000 
  • Yukon Aboriginal Women’s Council $25,000

The following groups will receive two years of funding for 2013/14 and 2014/15:

  • Skookum Jim Friendship Centre $50,000 
  • Yukon Women’s Transition Home Society (Kaushee’s Place) $50,000


See attached backgrounder.


Matthew Grant
Cabinet Communications
Brenda Barnes
Communications, Women’s Directorate

Backgrounder: Prevention of Violence Against Aboriginal Women Fund recipients

Kwanlin Dün First Nation—The one-year project will establish a violence prevention worker within the Kwanlin Dün community. This position will provide indirect support to women who are experiencing violence and engage in specific awareness, prevention/early intervention and community education activities.
Contact: Jeanie Dendys 867-633-7851.

Liard Aboriginal Women’s Society—The Together for Justice project aims to create a community action plan, encourage systemic change within RCMP training and performance, and inform policies that will improve the delivery of social services and policing for women living in Kaska and other Yukon communities.
Contact: Ann Maje Raider 867-536-2097.

Skookum Jim Friendship Centre—The two-year Women of Wisdom project offers skills that can be used by the participants to develop their personal awareness and recognize their individual worth. These skills are offered through traditional teaching sessions, and knowledge that is deeply rooted in Aboriginal customs.
Contact: Marney Paradis 867-633-7683.

Whitehorse Aboriginal Women’s Circle—The Daughter Spirit project will address the largely overlooked incidence of self-harm occurrences among young Aboriginal women, through community awareness, encouraging dialogue, and providing resources within the community. It will make available ‘first response’ and referral services, as well as a heightened understanding within the community of risk factors, the need for accessible culturally-relevant resources and treatment practices.
Contact: Ingrid Johnson 867-668-7532.

Yukon Aboriginal Women’s Council—The Brothers in Spirit one-year, strength-based community inquiry project targets Aboriginal men. Using documentary film, interviews will be conducted to gather stories and experiences of Aboriginal men who are behaving in a nonviolent, respectful way towards others. The interviews will look to explore the reasons why men choose not to abuse their families and intimate partners and choose non-violent and respectful actions.
Contact: Lauren Passmore 867-667-6162.

Yukon Women’s Transition Home Society (Kaushee’s Place)—The two-year Elder mentor project will increase the sense of community support and cultural connections for Aboriginal residents of Kaushee’s Place and will develop and expand the existing Elder Mentor Program to include second stage and transition home level residents of Kaushee’s Place. The program is designed to transmit traditional cultural knowledge and teachings regarding healthy lifestyle skills, self-care and responsible stewardship from elders in the community to Aboriginal women fleeing violence with residents of Kaushee’s Place and Betty’s Haven.
Contact: Barbara McInerny 867-633-7722.

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