Government of Yukon

February 4, 2013

Yukon’s Highways and Public Works commits to bi-annual meeting with Alaska

WHITEHORSE — Yukon and Alaskan officials met last week to discuss the future of infrastructure shared between the two jurisdictions, Highways and Public Works Minister Wade Istchenko said.

“I am pleased with the outcome of the productive meetings that took place last week,” Istchenko said. “As our Arctic neighbour, Alaska shares many of the same challenges and opportunities with us around transportation access.”

Discussions between the two jurisdictions on common transportation related to the following:

  • The future status of Shakwak funding and strategies to ensure its reinstatement in the next U.S. transportation bill;
  • Mining activity in Yukon and its potential impact on Alaska infrastructure including the Haines Road and south Klondike Highway;
  • The potential for a joint project to install a weigh in motion scale on the south Klondike Highway;
  • Proposed projects on the south Klondike Highway and Haines Road as well as how to assess and quantify the impact of industrial traffic on highways; and
  • Ongoing research programs and opportunities for further collaboration, along with training and exchange possibilities between the two organizations.

“We have committed to meeting bi-annually to continue this important work on issues that affect both jurisdictions,” Istchenko added.

At the end of the discussion, each party agreed to explore the potential for joint projects and to ensure information sharing on concurrent traffic impact studies currently underway.



Matthew Grant
Cabinet Communications
Aisha Montgomery
Communications, Highways and Public Works

News Release #13-019