Government of Yukon

December 10, 2012

Social inclusion and poverty reduction strategy released

WHITEHORSE—A strategy to change how government does business to support social inclusion and poverty reduction was released today by Health and Social Services Minister Doug Graham.

“This strategy will help government respond to the needs of Yukon’s vulnerable citizens by improving government programs and services and making them more accessible,” Graham said. “Ultimately, it’s about removing barriers that prevent people from having a better life.”

The strategy, A Better Yukon for All, the Government of Yukon’s Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Strategy, includes a number of concrete initiatives that will improve the lives of Yukon’s vulnerable populations, including the expansion of the Dawson City women’s shelter and the Downtown Outreach Clinic in Whitehorse, which provides home care services to homeless people.

The strategy is the culmination of several years of research and collaboration between a community advisory committee with representatives from social services non-governmental organizations and an interdepartmental steering committee with representatives from government departments.

“We are thankful for all the hard work that the committee members have put towards the strategy and would like to thank all the participants who took part in community workshops and surveys,” Graham added. “Although the social inclusion and poverty reduction strategy focuses solely on government programs and services, all Yukoners are encouraged to consider what they can do to support a more inclusive Yukon. Social inclusion is the responsibility of the community as a whole.”

The strategy is available online at



Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications
Alison Perrin
Communications, Health & Social Services


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