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November 20, 2012

2012 Leckie Award winners showcase excellence in mining and reclamation

WHITEHORSE—The winners of the Robert E. Leckie award were announced yesterday evening at the 40th Annual Geoscience Forum banquet. This year, Bardusan Placers Ltd., Pitchblack Resources Ltd. and Yukon Zinc Corporation were recognized.

“The exceptional work of these three companies serve as prime examples of how the modern mining industry operates,” Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Brad Cathers said. “It is a priority of this government to ensure that mining practices are safe, responsible and provide significant benefits to our communities.”

Bardusan Placers Ltd. received the 2012 Leckie Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship in Placer Mining for their operation in the Mayo area. The mine operators have used careful mining practices and long-term planning to reduce noise, use less fuel, create fewer settling ponds and systematically prepare their site for timely reclamation back to a natural environmental state.

The 2012 Leckie Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship in Quartz Mining was given to Pitchblack Resources Ltd. The company went beyond the call of duty by undertaking a comprehensive two-year reclamation plan which involved the clean-up of several sites and material left from historical users of the area. This work included decommissioning and removal of three camps and extensive clean-up of contaminated material at three airstrips on the company’s claims in the Peel region.

Yukon Zinc Corporation is the first company to be awarded the new Leckie Award for Responsible and Innovative Mining Practices. This year, the company succeeded in installing a functioning biochemical water treatment system and enlarging a lined tailings facility which involved raising a dam by seven metres. All of these operations were completed responsibly and worked toward significantly decreasing the mine’s overall environment impact.

Yukon Zinc also conducted on-site heavy equipment operation training, which saw six Yukon First Nation citizens receive certification.

“The ongoing relationship with Ross River Dena Council and Liard First Nation through employment, training, and traditional ceremonies at the Yukon Zinc mine site show a high commitment to social responsibility,” Cathers added. “Community engagement like this is essential for Yukon’s mining industry to be successful in the long term.”

The awards are given in honour of Robert (Bob) E. Leckie, a Mayo mining inspector and innovator who was dedicated to the development of progressive land use practices for mining.

A number of other awards were presented at last night’s banquet. The Yukon Prospectors Association Prospector of the Year award went to Alex McMillan. A tribute to McMillan will be presented in the legislature today by Energy Mines and Resources Minister Brad Cathers.

The Yukon Chamber of Mines Member Award went to Sue Craig, who is the chair of the Yukon Minerals Advisory Board and a director of Yukon Chamber of Mines. The chamber’s community award went to Aldea Lavallie of Yukon Zinc Corporation.

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