Government of Yukon

October 23, 2012

New agreement signed with the Yukon Medical Association

WHITEHORSE—Health and Social Services Minister Doug Graham and Yukon Medical Association (YMA) President Rao Tadepalli today announced the successful completion of a new agreement for physician services in Yukon. The agreement has been ratified by both the government and the YMA.

“This new, five-year agreement with the YMA focuses on increasing access to health care while at the same time recognizing that we have a financial obligation to guard social programs into the future,” Graham said.

The agreement is expected to address difficulties in recruiting and retaining family practitioners and improve access to primary care, as well as access to physician services in rural and remote areas. It also reflects the increased costs of providing insured services and will support innovative approaches to health care and new procedures and advancements in care that have the potential to address increasing health care costs.

“This government is committed to establishing a collaborative care clinic that sees nurse practitioners, physicians and other health care professionals working together to provide care to Yukon residents,” Graham added. “This new agreement will see that happen within the next five years, at least as a pilot project.”

Yukon government has been very responsive to the medical community’s issues over the life of the previous agreement, addressing hospital admissions and the situation in the hospital’s Emergency Room.

“The Yukon Medical Association is pleased to reach an agreement with the Yukon government,” Tadepalli said. “The main emphasis of this agreement is to recruit and retain physicians. Our goal is to work with the government in attracting family doctors to the territory.”

This new agreement is effective from April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2017 and is worth $8.5 million.


See backgrounder below for highlights of the agreement.


Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications


Patricia Living
Communications, Health &Social Services



Highlights of the YMA Agreement

  • The five-year agreement is effective April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2017.
  • Overall fee increase of six per cent to physicians over the term of the agreement.
  • Effective September 1, 2013 the implementation of mandatory International Classification of Disease Coding (ICD9) on all claims for processing.
  • Effective September 1, 2013 a $1.00 per claim charge for physicians who continue to submit paper claims to Insured Health Services for processing.
  • Realization of a Collaborative Care Initiatives Fund
  • Sustainability of the Medical Student Bursary Program, currently provided through the Territorial Health Access Fund (THAF), in support of people who live, or have lived, in Yukon and are attending medical school.
  • Additional supports to medical graduates and visiting specialists.

News Release #12-196