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October 1, 2012

Yukon government supports Yukon Quest 30th anniversary celebrations

WHITEHORSE—The Yukon government is providing an additional $50,000 to Yukon Quest (Canada) for a variety of pre-race community celebrations in support of the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race 30th anniversary.

The funding is in addition to the $150,000 provided annually by the Department of Tourism and Culture.

“The Yukon Quest captures the romance of the North and the imagination of adventure seekers world-wide,” Tourism and Culture Minister Mike Nixon said. “We are pleased to support Quest organizers with this additional funding to help them celebrate the 30th anniversary of this courageous endurance race.”

The $50,000 additional funding supports outreach in pre-race community activities that will celebrate the history of mushing associated with the gold rush, trappers, traders and mail carriers who helped to develop the territory and whose legacy inspired the creation of the Yukon Quest.

“The race is an iconic image of northern pride encapsulated by the trust and teamwork experienced through the bond of musher and dog,” Quest Board president Joost van der Putten said. “Throughout the coming months Quest organizers and volunteers will be hosting a wide range of activities that showcase the indomitable spirit of the North.”

Kicking off the anniversary celebrations will be the Yukon Quest 30th birthday party, an evening of live music, prizes and movies on Friday, October 26 in Whitehorse. Other functions, including a Christmas celebration, the Meet the Mushers event and a Quest memorabilia exhibit will be scheduled throughout the coming months.

The 30th running of the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race begins at Shipyard’s Park in Whitehorse on Saturday, February 2, 2013.

The Yukon government provides annual funding through the Tourism and Culture department to Yukon Quest (Canada) to support program development, cooperative marketing (including foreign media familiarization tours), race administration and community outreach.



Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications
Karen Keeley
Communications, Tourism & Culture

News Release #12-181