Government of Yukon

July 17, 2012

Minister tours RCMP training centre

WHITEHORSE—Justice Minister Mike Nixon and Yukon RCMP commanding officer Peter Clark toured the RCMP training academy in Regina last week. The two met with senior officials and the minister spoke with RCMP cadets, including Constable Benjamin Kingdon, who will be posted in Yukon when his training is finished.

“The RCMP training depot is an amazing place that produces respectable, honourable RCMP constables,” Nixon said. “I had the opportunity to meet with the staff and trainees at the academy and talk about the challenges of delivering police services in northern and remote communities.”

The RCMP’s national recruit training centre, known as depot division, has been in operation since 1885 in Regina. The cadet training program is an extensive 24-week training course. Upon successful completion cadets may be offered employment as members of the RCMP and given peace officer status.

“We were extremely proud to have the opportunity to show Minister Nixon what goes into preparing our recruits for the complex and demanding job of policing,” Chief Superintendent Clark said. “This intensive program is just the beginning however. As members, they will maintain, expand and enhance their skills throughout their careers and the communities in which they serve will play a vital role in shaping their skills and experiences.”

The tour of depot was part of a four-day visit to Saskatchewan. Minister Nixon also met with Saskatchewan Justice Minister Gordon Wyant and Saskatchewan Minister responsible for Corrections and Police Christine Tell.



Darren Parsons
Cabinet Communications

Dan Cable
Communications, Justice

David Gilbert
Director, Organizational Strategy
Yukon RCMP

News Release #12-135