Government of Yukon

July 6, 2012

Yukon government responds to tragic death in Watson Lake

WHITEHORSE—Education Minister Scott Kent is expressing condolences to the family affected by the recent tragedy in Watson Lake.

“The family and community members are in our thoughts and have our deepest sympathies,” Kent said. “A tragedy of this kind touches a community profoundly and the government is taking action to help ensure safety in soccer fields in Yukon school yards.”

Government staff are working closely with RCMP and the Yukon coroner’s office as investigations take place. In the meantime, Department of Education staff members are also looking into the incident to see what actions they can take to contribute to increased safety on soccer fields on school grounds, whether school is in session or not.

As a short-term precaution, all movable soccer nets are being removed for a thorough safety assessment by the Department of Education. Department staff will work with community groups and Yukon sports associations to determine a plan to return soccer nets to the fields based on the safety assessments.



Darren Parsons
Cabinet Communications

Michele Royle
Education, Communications


News Release #12-131