Government of Yukon

June 18, 2012

Yukon art is front and centre at Haines Junction visitor services

WHITEHORSE—Art and craft work by Yukon artists will be highlighted at the Haines Junction Visitor Information Centre in the Da Kų Cultural Centre, where Doug Smarch Jr.’s monumental Ice and Flowers is being unveiled for the facility’s opening on June 21.

“It was only natural to make art and craft the focus for Yukon’s visitor facility in Haines Junction, with Doug Smarch Jr.’s piece illuminated by the sky and mountains beyond,” Tourism and Culture Minister Mike Nixon said. “Showcasing our visual arts in this remarkable setting is a terrific way of sharing our diverse culture with visitors as they travel through the Kluane region.”

Smarch Jr.’s Ice and Flowers consists of 16 translucent acrylic masks suspended from the building’s ceiling, flower designs inspired by Southern Tutchone beadwork on the walls and a circular base filled with local river rocks.

Ice and Flowers is the culture of Yukon,” Smarch Jr. said. “There is a lot of history here, of people who came from the coast to trade. I wanted the piece to reflect the experience of living through the seasons and how, from history to present, our faces are reflected in droplets of water in the spring; you don’t notice it, but they’re there. You can’t tie one culture to it. We’re all here and we all experience it. It comes down to having the same conversation every spring.”

The work of 40 other artists was also acquired for the visitor information centre for permanent and rotating displays. Pieces from the Yukon Permanent Art Collection will be exhibited at the centre as well.


See backgrounder and photo below.


Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications
Heather LeDuc
Communications, Tourism and Culture


The Haines Junction Visitor Information Centre will feature art and craft, in permanent and rotating displays, by the following Yukon artists:

1. Sonja Ahlers

2. Shiela Alexandrovich

3. Eugene Alfred

4. Virginia Allen

5. Dolores Anderson

6. Karyn Armour

7. Vernon Asp

8. Bob Atkinson

9. Nicole Bauberger

10. Horst Berlow

11. Janice Brodie

12. Sadie Brown

13. Mary Caesar

14. Wendy Chambers

15. Leslie Chapman

16. Sarah Davidson

17. Halin de Repentigny

18. Mida Donnessey

19. Libby Dulac

20. Lyn Fabio

21. Betty Frost

22. Simon Gilpin

23. Paul Gort

24. Nancy Hager

25. Sharon Kabanak

26. Blake Lepine

27. Joyce Majiski

28. Lara Melnik

29. Bev Morris

30. Lee Persinger

31. Mark Preston

32. George Roberts

33. Dennis Shorty

34. Ann Smith

35. Lynne Sofiak

36. Sandra Storey

37. Susan Stuart

38. Threadbearers Quilting Group

39. Doug Twiss

40. Bud Young

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