Government of Yukon

April 26, 2012

Government proceeds with land titles modernization project

WHITEHORSE—The Government of Yukon will modernize Yukon’s land titles system to facilitate more timely and efficient land transactions, Justice Minister Mike Nixon announced today.

“I am committed to modernizing the land titles system to provide citizens with better access to land titles information and to improve the speed and efficiency of land transactions,” Nixon said. “The goal of this project will be to ensure fast, accurate transactions and an accessible system for the public.”

The land titles modernization project will examine all aspects of the land titles regime, including the Land Titles Act and Condominium Act, the land titles management information system and the business processes used in the Land Titles Office.

A stakeholder advisory group will be established to assist the Department of Justice in the design, development and implementation of the land titles modernization project.

“I fully support this initiative and look forward to working with government officials,” president of the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce Rick Karp said. “Moving to a service standard that is faster and more accessible will ensure that our rapidly growing economy is well supported by the Land Titles Office.”

In March, the Minister of Justice appointed a Land Titles inspector to make recommendations to improve the existing land titles system. The inspector’s report contains a number of recommendations such as allowing for title searches to be completed online, replacing the Land Titles Act and Condominium Act, increasing staff training opportunities and replacing the computer system with one that has improved user abilities as well as improved security. The report has been sent to the minister and stakeholders for consideration.

“Supporting economic development in Yukon through more efficient delivery of government services is a priority for our government,” Nixon added. “By drawing upon the expertise of the Land Titles inspector, stakeholders and staff in the Land Titles Office, we will modernize Yukon’s land titles system so that it reflects and facilitates the way that real property transactions take place in the territory.”



Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications


Dan Cable
Communications, Justice



News Release #12-075