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March 9, 2012

Yukon moves toward modern solid waste management system

WHITEHORSE—Yukon government continues to make progress on the Yukon Solid Waste Action Plan and will put forward a number of new projects for 2012-13, Community Services Minister Elaine Taylor announced today.

“Through community partnerships, best practices, and cost effective solutions suited to the North, we are achieving the goals set out in the Solid Waste Action Plan and laying the foundation for a sustainable waste management system that meets the current and future needs of our territory,” Taylor said.

Since 2009 Yukon has met a number of goals within the Solid Waste Action Plan including an end to open burning of domestic waste last January at all 20 unincorporated solid waste facilities. These former open trench burning sites have been transformed into transfer stations or full service solid waste facilities.

Taylor indicated that the upcoming 2012-13 budget will include a $766 thousand increase in the operations and maintenance budget for solid waste management, together with almost $3.4 million in additional capital dollars, including projects identified under the Gas Tax Fund and the Building Canada Fund.

This additional investment will help to improve composting, recycling and waste diversion; enhance waste handling systems and site safety; install groundwater monitoring stations; and improve household hazardous waste management at all remaining facilities.

Larger projects include a territory-wide education campaign for recycling and waste diversion; developing a composting program and furthering work on regional coordination.

“Community partnerships are key to the success of solid waste management,” Taylor said. “The Yukon government remains committed to working in partnership with municipalities, communities, industry and stakeholders on exploring innovative, long-term approaches to improve waste recycling, diversion, reduction and handling.”

The 2012-13 budget is subject to appropriation by the Yukon Legislative Assembly.

The Yukon Solid Waste Action Plan is online along with a 2012 update.



Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications
Cathrine Morginn
Communications, Community Services

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