Government of Yukon

February 2, 2012

Copper Ridge residents and families will have their say

WHITEHORSE— Health and Social Services Minister Doug Graham said today he is confident that a new group established at Copper Ridge Place will further provide both residents and families with opportunities to raise any issues or concerns they may have with care in the facility.

“Last December the facility hosted an all-family meeting to talk about some of the issues that had been raised about the quality of care, staffing levels and security in Copper Ridge Place,” Graham said. “Families were asked what they wanted to see happen and what they needed to have in place to give them peace of mind.”

As a result of that meeting, the facility will now hold quarterly meetings for the entire residential care section, rather than smaller unit meetings. In addition, a focus group and steering committee will be established to give family members a voice. The membership will select a chair from among the members. Facility residents currently have their own council to address concerns and that will remain in place.

“We hope that this will encourage families and residents to work together to voice their opinions and concerns,” Graham said. “We also find that people who have a say in their community tend to be more connected with their lives and we hope that all families will join those who are already active.

“There have been some outrageous statements in the media lately that have had a negative effect on the morale of staff and residents alike. To suggest, for example, that some residents are slumped over in their food for hours, is ridiculous and diminishes the caring and competent work of our staff at the residence.”

The minister said that as an accredited institution, Continuing Care is committed to ensuring quality of care, and the safety and wellbeing of residents is a priority. “Everyone in that facility works hard to ensure that the needs of individuals and families are being met. This new committee will provide one more tool that will assist them in doing their jobs even better,” Graham added.

Steps that have been taken already include a review of the security system and a review of shift patterns to help maximize unit coverage at peak times.


Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications
Pat Living
Communications, Health & Social Services

News Release #12-012