Government of Yukon

December 2, 2011

High school students to attend Yukon College through new pilot program

WHITEHORSE—The Department of Education is partnering with Yukon College to offer a dual credit pilot program that allows eligible Yukon high school students to take one of three Yukon College courses for credit. All three courses are transferable to universities and colleges in British Columbia.

“The dual credit program contributes to our vision of supporting success for each learner by offering another option for students to pursue their education and career goals,” Education Minister Scott Kent said. “It also reflects our work to expand and support alternative education options.”

Dual credit students are enrolled with Yukon College and provided access to all College services. They are able to experience post-secondary education while enrolled in secondary school; to gain university level course credit and to get a head start on their first year of college or university studies.

Dual credit programs have a history of over ten years in Canada and longer in the United States. Today they are widely promoted within many Canadian provinces, particularly British Columbia and Ontario.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to Yukon students,” Yukon College dean of applied arts Dr. Deb Bartlette said. “We want to ensure the Yukon population has every post-secondary advantage available to those in the south.”

The work to develop Yukon’s dual credit program is a result of the recommendations from the Department of Education’s One Vision, Multiple Pathways report of the Secondary School Programming Review of 2008.

An added advantage for these pilot program students is that the Public Schools branch is covering the cost of their tuition. At a savings of $324 per student, this is a significant benefit to Yukon families.

Visit the Yukon College online for further information on the program.


Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications
Jacqueline Bedard
Director, College Relations and Int’l, Yukon College

Chris Madden
Communications, Education

News Release #11-173