Government of Yukon

November 24, 2011

Community Services minister requests review of Yukon’s minimum wage

WHITEHORSE—Community Services Minister Elaine Taylor is formally requesting that Yukon’s Employment Standards Board undertake a review of Yukon’s minimum wage.

“Yukon seeks to ensure a fair and equitable work environment for our workforce and it is important to ensure that the minimum wage in Yukon is adequate,” Taylor said. “The Yukon government looks forward to the outcome of the review and receiving the board's deliberations regarding Yukon's minimum wage."

The last review, which was conducted in 2005, resulted in an increase to the minimum wage rate as well as an annual increase to reflect the Consumer Price Index. Yukon’s minimum wage rate is currently $9 per hour.

“I am very pleased that the minister has requested that the board undertake this review and board members are keen to start the process,” Yukon Employment Standards Board chair Lori Lavoie said. “The board will be convening shortly to begin its work on this matter.”

The Employment Standards Board has an arm’s-length relationship with the Yukon government, with members nominated from both employer and employee stakeholder groups. It is mandated to uphold the Employment Standards Act, which sets out the minimum terms and conditions of employment that must be adhered to by employers and employees.


Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications
Cathrine Morginn
Communications, Community Services

News Release #11-167