Government of Yukon

FOR RELEASE     #11-163
November 18, 2011


Extreme winter weather conditions force government to act in best interest of campers

WHITEHORSE—The Yukon government is issuing a notice to campers on the land next to the Main Administration Building asking them to leave the grounds within 48 hours.

“The Yukon government is urging the campers to take the support offered and take steps to ensure their own safety,” Health and Social Services Minister Doug Graham said. “We respect the rights of individuals to protest but due to ongoing safety concerns and extreme cold weather, it is time for camping at the Main Administration Building to come to an end.”

With campers remaining on the site, risks such as heating methods and sanitary conditions continue to increase.

Since June, Yukon government representatives have regularly visited the site to speak with campers and to offer assistance. Suitable accommodation has been offered to the remaining campers in need.

The notice letter giving the campers 48 hours to leave is being hand-delivered by sheriffs on behalf of the Yukon government. The notice is also being posted on any tents and camping vehicles not currently occupied.

If the campers have not voluntarily left the area and removed their belongings within the time frame stated, then the government will take steps to enforce the notice.

“The Yukon government has a public responsibility to take action at this stage,” Graham added. “I would like to acknowledge the work of several departments in responding to housing issues over the past several months, including Highways and Public Works, Justice, Yukon Housing, and Health and Social Services.”



Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications
Pat Living
Communications, Health & Social Services