Government of Yukon

FOR RELEASE     #11-105
July 21, 2011


Yukon Housing Corporation addresses future housing needs in Dawson City

WHITEHORSE—The Yukon Housing Corporation announced today its intention to remove the old Korbo Apartment building in Dawson City. The corporation will work with environmental and municipal authorities during the building removal to ensure the site remediation process is complete.

“We are taking steps to remediate the Korbo property as effectively and cost efficiently as possible,” Minister responsible for Yukon Housing Corporation Steve Nordick said. “The removal of the Korbo building will significantly reduce the cost of remediation and set the stage for our plan to call for expressions of interest from private industry for a development that will offer much needed rental accommodations in the community.”

Built in the 1950s, the Korbo building was one of the first in Yukon Housing Corporation’s social housing portfolio. It was replaced by a new 19-unit building located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Turner Street, which was officially opened earlier this month.

Yukon Housing is planning to refurbish six other vacant housing units and is working with the Yukon government to meet the needs for staff housing that will be required when projects like the new Dawson City Hospital are complete.

“Our plan for a combination of social housing, staff housing and private rental accommodation in Dawson City will make a significant impact on the future housing needs in Dawson City,” Nordick added.

Yukon Housing is also announcing that they will have lots for sale in Dawson City. This land lottery will help meet the current demand for residential lots to be made available to the public.



Brianne Young
Cabinet Communications
Nathalie Ouellet
Communications, Yukon Housing Corporation