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July 20, 2011


Health and Social Services working to meet housing needs of Yukoners

WHITEHORSE—The Alexander Street Residence will soon be used to house 15 to 20 clients of Health and Social Services, Minister Glenn Hart announced today.

“Safe and supported housing is one of the major principles of a social inclusion strategy,” Hart said. “The Alexander Street Residence initiative is an example of government departments working together to find solutions that continue to address Yukoners’ needs.”

Health and Social Services will assume responsibility from the Yukon Housing Corporation for the Alexander Street Residence in August.

“We are working together to find creative solutions to Yukoners’ housing needs,” Minister responsible for the Yukon Housing Corporation Steve Nordick said.

After renovations are completed in the coming months, the residence will be used for clients whose placements can be challenging due to their varying needs. Some clients may need transitional accommodations while others may need enhanced living support at all times. Challenge Community Vocational Alternatives will manage the day-to-day operations.

“We are pleased to be part of the Alexander Street project,” Challenge executive director Rick Goodfellow said. “This will help address the need for safe and secure supported living environments for many marginalized individuals in our community. It will increase access to supported housing, and help us provide better services in a more timely manner. This obviously will help reduce risk for clients and the community, while enabling us to focus more on social inclusion.”

Current residents of Alexander Street will move into the new seniors’ complex at Waterfront Place, adjacent to the Whitehorse Health Centre.

Health and Social Services is moving forward on a number of housing initiatives. Earlier this month, a commitment of $1 million for a second stage housing project in Whitehorse was announced. The initial funds will be used by Kaushee’s Place to request proposals for the purchase, design and servicing of a building. The total cost of the project is expected to be more than $4 million.

Health and Social Services also provides housing supports through its Continuing Care branch which operates Meals on Wheels, adult day programs and home care as well as residential care facilities: Copper Ridge Place, Macaulay Lodge, McDonald Home and, soon, Thomson Centre.


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Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications
Marcelle Dubé
Communications, Health & Social Services
Rick Goodfellow
Challenge Executive Director




Social Services Clients Housing Costs*

Private homes: $2,745,398
NGO-delivered housing/supports: $2,822,129
Government delivered residential services: $1,610,076
Supported Independent Living: $618,562

TOTAL: $7,796,165


  • Private homes: spectrum of care and supports in private homes
  • NGO-delivered housing/supports: provide specific care such as FASD support
  • Government-delivered residential services: a range of services to youth and adults, e.g., youth emergency shelter
  • Supported Independent Living: government-provided, comprehensive range of assisted living services to assist clients to live independently in their homes


*Does not reflect housing portion of social assistance payments.