Government of Yukon

FOR RELEASE     #11-094
July 6, 2011


Government commits to second stage housing

WHITEHORSE—The Yukon government announced the commitment of $1 million in this year’s budget for a second stage housing project in Whitehorse. Funds will be used by Kaushee’s Place for a request for proposals for the purchase, design and servicing of a building in Whitehorse.

“We are pleased to announce the government’s commitment to this second stage housing project,” Minister responsible for the Women’s Directorate Minister Marian C. Horne said. “This project will help to provide housing support for women and children who are stabilizing their lives after fleeing violence.”

In 2007 the Women’s Directorate consulted with women’s organizations, transition homes, social housing clients, and others to identify the need for particular types of housing. Victims of violence and single women with children were among those with the greatest need. Second stage housing was also identified as a significant need.

Second stage housing offers medium term (12 to18 months) secure and affordable housing and is supported through specialized staffing and unique program initiatives to help women achieve long-term independence for themselves and their children. Second stage housing is available after accessing one of Yukon’s three emergency shelters.

“The present shortages of affordable housing have a direct bearing on women’s ability to leave abuse,” said Renée-Claude Carrier, assistant director at Kaushee’s Place. “This project will have a positive effect on women’s ability to live lives free from violence.”

This investment builds on other Yukon housing initiatives in support of families such as the Whitehorse Affordable Housing Initiative and the addition of second stage housing units at Help and Hope Women’s Shelter in Watson Lake.

The building project will be led by Kaushee’s Place with technical assistance and support provided by government. Kaushee’s Place will own and operate the facility.



Brianne Young
Cabinet Communications
Brenda Barnes
Communications, Women’s Directorate