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FOR RELEASE     #11-037
March 9, 2011

Community Development Fund serves up funding to Tennis Yukon

WHITEHORSE—Yukon’s Community Development Fund (CDF) is awarding 12 recipients with a total of $168,319 through its Tier 1 funding, promoting projects that provide social and economic benefits to Yukoners.

“Through the CDF, we see many groups getting involved in community projects across Yukon,” Economic Development Minister Jim Kenyon said. “This funding allotment will allow work to be undertaken on a wide variety of projects, from facility upgrades to leadership programs.”

Tennis Yukon received $20,000 of Tier 1 funding to resurface tennis courts at Mount McIntyre.

“To resurface the courts we will install a weather-proof surface, which will take about a week,” Tennis Yukon President Stacy Lewis said. “As a result of resurfacing, we suspect the 40 or so players we get per day to increase, as the new surface will heighten awareness and increase Tennis Yukon’s profile.”

Yukon Wildlife Preserve Operating Society received $19,999 to create way-finding signage that will allow guests visiting the Yukon Wildlife Preserve to more effectively navigate the 750-acre property.

“Originally, the preserve only provided guided bus tours of the grounds, we now estimate half of our visitors are viewing the preserve through self-guided tours on foot,” Yukon Wildlife Preserve Program Manager Chris Wilkinson said. “The result of this project will be an improved experience for visitors as we will add directional signs to better navigate the preserve, an orientation map in the middle of the preserve, and safety signs for some areas.”

The Community Development Fund offers three funding levels. Tier 1 is available for requests up to $20,000. Tier 2 is available for applicants requesting $20,001 to $75,000 and Tier 3 is available for requests over $75,000.

The next intake deadline is Friday, May 13 for Tier 1 and Tier 2 applications. Organizations are encouraged to contact community development advisors well before the deadlines for assistance with their applications and to develop project ideas. To learn more about the CDF, visit or contact the CDF office at 867-667-8125 or 1-800-661-0408, extension 8125.


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Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications

MaryRose Metcalfe
Communications, Economic Development

Tier 1 Community Development Fund Recipients 

Dawson City Art Society - $15,000 - Facility and Equipment Upgrade - The Society is in need of technical and equipment upgrades in order to maintain their current level of activity and develop in new areas. Contact: Karen Dubois at 867-993-5005

Hillcrest Community Association - $20,000 - Hillcrest Rink Restoration Project - Remove and replace the existing rink to enhance safety and ensure continued community use. The project will create 400 hours of employment for two people. Contact: Jean-Paul Molgat at 867-633-2230

Miles Canyon Historic Railway Society - $20,000 - Copperbelt Quonset Hut - Improve the weather proofing and protection for the Quonset hut, install a rail switch and build a stairwell and shed. The project will create 450 hours of employment for one person. Contact: Norman Eady at 867-633-6355

Northern Cultural Expressions Society - $14,550 Marketing Portfolio Book Phase II - Building on the work done in Phase I, the next phase will allow for layout of a book format marketing portfolio and for the development of a specific distribution plan for using the book and project DVD to promote the carving studio artists and their work. The project will create 170 hours of employment for two people. Contact: Richard Provan at 867-633-4186

Recreation & Parks Association of Yukon - $16,630 - Active to Travel to School Celebration Week - To encourage and inspire all Yukon elementary school students to walk or bike all or part way to school for one week, and provide all Grade 4 and 5 students in Whitehorse with valuable bicycle safety skills. The project will create 130 hours of employment for one person. Contact: Jenyfer Neumann at 867-393-3618

Squash Yukon - $5,000 - 2011 - Squash Canada AGM - To host the 2011 Squash Canada Annual General Meeting in Whitehorse in June 2011. The project will create 105 hours of employment for four people. Contact: Chris Toleman at 867-335-0044

Teenage Life & Young Adults International Society - $6,140 - Leadership Speaker Program This project is designed to promote ideas & practice for youth and young adults leadership roles at different levels. The project will create 208 hours of employment for one person. Contact: Leonard Boniface at 867-335-8510

Tennis Yukon - $20,000 - Resurface Tennis Courts at Mt. Mac. - To re-surface the tennis courts at the Mount McIntyre Recreation Complex. The project will create 350 hours of employment for two people. Contact: Stacy Lewis at 867-393-2621

Yukon Horse & Riders Association (YHRA) - $19,500 - Building for the Future – The YHRA will partake in the professional planning and design required for the relocation of its grounds from the Whistle Bend subdivision. It will engage membership, partners and stakeholders, through project management and strategic planning in the development of diversified equestrian and recreational opportunities. The project will create 350 hours of employment for two people. Contact: Erin Woods at 867-334-9251

Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Society - $13,500 - Website Rebuild and Brand Development
To rebuild the current website and develop a new brand, offering an updated image to the festival and the organization. Contact: Jon Solberg at 867-393-4467

Yukon Status of Women’s Council - $18,000 - Low-Cost Grocery Co-op Study - The Low-Cost Grocery feasibility study will explore ways to implement a food program that will give low-income single parents (men and women) the opportunity to step-out of the emergency food cycle (such as canned goods and non-perishable foods) and into a farmer's market style program that includes fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy, and meat at wholesale prices. The project will create 720 hours of employment for one person. Contact: Linnea Rudachyk at 867-667-4637

Yukon Wildlife Preserve Operating Society - $19,999 - Visitor Orientation & Navigation - A project to create way-finding signage that will allow the increasing number of guests visiting the Yukon Wildlife Preserve to more effectively navigate the 750-acre property unguided. Contact: Chris Wilkinson at 867-456-7400