Government of Yukon

FOR RELEASE     #11-034
March 1, 2011

Draft Net Metering Policy to shape Yukon’s future in energy

WHITEHORSE—A draft policy outlining how the Yukon government will manage net metering in the Yukon is available for public review.

“A Yukon Net Metering Policy will enable homeowners and businesses that produce their own energy to offset their electrical bills by feeding surplus power to the grid,” Energy, Mines and Resources Minister Patrick Rouble said.

The draft policy was developed in partnership with the Yukon Energy Corporation and Yukon Electrical Company Limited and applies to customers in the residential, general service and industrial classes who may want to connect renewable energy sources to the Yukon electrical distribution system.

“Yukoners are more conscious of electricity consumption than ever before. Conservation is the best solution for many of us, but with technological innovations and new sources of clean energy, net metering could provide a variety of new options for some Yukoners," Rouble added.

The draft policy outlines the process that will provide opportunities for Yukoners who produce electricity from renewable technologies for their own consumption to connect to the electrical grid. It also encourages the development and adoption of new individual renewable energy sources, and promotes energy conservation and greater energy efficiency.

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Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications


Ron Billingham
Communications, Energy, Mines and Resources