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FOR RELEASE     #11-023
February 11, 2011

Labour Market Framework strategies released

WHITEHORSE—The Government of Yukon, in partnership with business, industry, education providers, non-government organizations and other levels of government across Yukon, released five strategies aimed at supporting Yukon’s labour market, Education Minister Patrick Rouble announced today.

“Today we reveal the results of hundreds of hours of co-operation and planning that will further strengthen Yukon’s labour market in the years to come,” Rouble said.

Five strategies have been completed as part of Yukon government’s commitment to build on the Labour Market Framework. These 10-year strategies address the five pillars of the labour market: training and skills development, immigration, recruitment, employee retention, and information on the labour market to guide the direction of labour market development in Yukon. The strategies will help ensure employers have the workforce they need to keep the economy strong.

The Government of Yukon developed the strategies in partnership with representatives from business, non-government organizations, educational providers, federal and First Nations governments, and Council of Yukon First Nations’ staff. Working group participants helped to develop these strategies over several months.

The release of these strategies was a key component of the Labour Market Framework Forum, a full-day event for stakeholders to discuss next steps, including continuing their partnership in implementing action plans for each strategy and evaluating the implementation of the strategies.

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Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications

Chris Madden
Communications, Education


Labour Market Framework Strategies
The Labour Market Framework was released at the Labour Market Framework Symposium in October 2008. The symposium was an opportunity for stakeholders to gather and discuss key topics that guided the development of the strategies and establish working groups. The framework can be viewed at
There are five strategies in four documents; the Recruitment Strategy and the Employee Retention Strategy are closely related and were combined in one document.

Labour Market Information Strategy
The Labour Market Information Strategy is the cornerstone of the Labour Market Framework. Timely, accurate and accessible information will ensure that the strategies are based on the best available information so that sound decisions can be made. It will also help guide people with career planning.

Immigration Strategy
Immigration is an important source of labour, and this strategy helps ensure immigration is approached in a manner that is responsive to labour market needs, sustainable through changing economies, and helps safeguard job opportunities for Yukoners and Canadians.

Recruitment and Retention Strategies
The Recruitment Strategy has been developed to meet the challenges of filling Yukon’s job vacancies in a variety of positions and sectors. The Employee Retention Strategy is a means of maximizing employers’ efforts to keep their current workforce engaged. The combined strategies will enhance efforts to recruit and retain Canadians and persons underrepresented in the workforce, including aboriginal people, rural workers, persons with disabilities, older workers, women in trades, and youth.

Comprehensive Skills and Trades Training Strategies
The Comprehensive Skills and Trades Training Strategy will help to improve labour force productivity and maintain the competitive nature of Yukon’s economy in the face of globalization. It will help Yukoners seize opportunities that a growing economy can bring.  It is also an important way to ensure continued support to groups who are underrepresented in the workforce, such as aboriginal people, youth, older workers, people with disabilities and women in trades, to help people in these groups successfully integrate into the job market.