Government of Yukon

FOR RELEASE     #11-012
January 21, 2011

Community health centres enter digital era

WHITEHORSE—Every community health centre in Yukon is now wired for computed radiology.

Health and Social Services Minister Glenn Hart announced today that installation of the computed radiology units and clinical workstations in 12 rural health centres, and the Watson Lake Hospital has been completed and staff in each facility has been trained.

“This is a huge help for our primary health care nurses in the communities and will tremendously benefit patients in rural Yukon,” Hart said.

With this new technology, chest and limb x-rays taken by nurses in the community health facilities are processed digitally and sent over the computer network in a privacy-protected manner, to an x-ray image database maintained at Whitehorse General Hospital. The images will be available for viewing by the emergency room doctor, then by the radiologist in Edmonton for official interpretation.

“Waiting for diagnosis can be a stressful time for patients and their families,” Hart said. “Providing more timely access to diagnosis will help reduce this wait-time, and ensure that treatment occurs in a timely manner.”

Canada Health Infoway has committed funding towards this joint project between Health and Social Services and Whitehorse General Hospital. 

“Advancements in digital diagnostic imaging are closing the geographical barriers in health care, enabling authorized health care professions to provide essential services regardless of where the test was conducted or where the health care provider is located,” president and CEO, Canada Health Infoway president Richard Alvarez said. “The result is faster diagnosis, allowing treatment to start sooner.”

Canada Health Infoway is an independent, not-for-profit organization funded by the federal government. It jointly invests with every province and territory to accelerate the development and adoption of electronic health record projects in Canada. Fully respecting patient confidentiality, these secure systems will provide clinicians and patients with the information they need to better support safe care decisions and manage their own health. Accessing this vital information quickly will help foster a more modern and sustainable health care system for all Canadians.



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