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FOR RELEASE     #11-006
January 17, 2011

Community Development Fund shoots and scores

WHITEHORSE – Community Development Fund (CDF) has awarded $490,743 through its Tier 1 and Tier 2 intakes to 15 recipients, promoting long-term social and economic benefits.

“These are great examples of projects that continue to build value through the Community Development Fund,” Economic Development Minister Jim Kenyon said. “A number of projects focus on the arts and personal development and we are pleased to support Hockey Day in Canada in Yukon for the first time.”

Sport Yukon received $75,000 to help coordinate and host Hockey Day in Canada this February in Whitehorse and to offer on-ice and off-ice hockey and life skills clinics.

“Hockey Day in Canada will have something for all hockey fans,” Sport Yukon president George Arcand said. “With the help of CDF, we will be able to offer travel subsidies for mileage so that youth from all communities can participate. Some of the highlights geared to youth include hockey clinics and a school tournament.”

Another highlight will be the Western Hockey League game between the Vancouver Giants and the Kamloops Blazers in Whitehorse. Also, there are plans to recreate the 1905 Stanley Cup game between the Dawson City Nuggets and the Ottawa Renegades.

Coaches Corner personalities Ron MacLean and Don Cherry will be in Whitehorse with Hockey Day in Canada clips running throughout the live CBC broadcast on February 12. The MacBride Museum will also get involved with visual demonstrations of the history of hockey. Hockey Day in Canada updates are available at

The Community Development Fund offers three funding levels. Tier 1 funding is available for requests up to $20,000. Tier 2 funding is available for applicants requesting $20,001 to $75,000 and Tier 3 funding is available for requests over $75,000.

The next intake deadline is May 15 for Tier 1 and Tier 2 applications. Organizations are encouraged to contact Community Development advisors well before the deadlines for assistance with their applications and to develop project ideas. To learn more about the CDF, visit or contact the CDF office at 867-667-8125 or 1-800-661-0408, ext. 8125.


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Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications
MaryRose Metcalfe
Communications, Economic Development

Tier 1 Community Development Recipients

Dawson City Minor Hockey Association - $6,000 - Shoot to Score Hockey Camp -
To provide a three-day hockey camp for rural hockey players that will promote fundamental skills development plus healthy lifestyle choices through the sport of hockey. Contact: Mo Caley-Verdonk at 867-993-5724

Gentle Steps Equine Assisted Learning Centre - $16,825 - To offer the Equine Assisted Learning Program throughout winter/spring 2010/11, offering support for parents, and teachers and educational assistants who work with special needs children using the Neufeld approach. The project will create 840 hours of employment for one person. Contact: Elisabeth Lexow at 867-536-7479

Gentle Steps Equine Assisted Learning Centre - $2,693 - To enroll a staff member of Gentle Steps Equine Assisted Learning Centre in Levels 3 and 4 of the Neufeld Certification Program. Contact: Elisabeth Lexow at 867-536-7479

Liard First Nation - $20,000 - To construct an outdoor skating rink that will help youth build skating skills to participate in hockey and figure skating, and also build teamwork and life skills. The project will create 560 hours of employment for eight people. Contact: Elizabeth Donnessey at 867-536-7262

Ta’an Kwach’an Council - $14,000 - To design and host an art workshop entitled ‘Believe in our Youth’ that will help to improve self-esteem, leadership skills and community participation. Contact: William Jones at 867-668-3613

Tr’ondek Hwech’in First Nation - $11,692 - To coordinate an interactive career fair in Dawson City to raise awareness of career and training opportunities, and allow businesses and organizations to promote their fields of work to potential employees and students. The project will create 365 hours of employment for one person. Contact: Melissa Atkinson at 867-993-7111

Village of Carmacks - $16,277 - Trail Upgrades and GPS to Map, Phase Three - Carmacks is working towards having an extensive ATV/Snow Mobile trail system for community members and visitors to promote the community. The project will create 640 hours of employment for three people. Contact: Rose Price at 867-863-6271

Yukon College, Ross River Campus - $19,932 - To offer a small engine repair training program to eight community members in order to fix their own machinery and help develop skills and confidence for future small business and employment opportunities. The project will create 270 hours of employment for two people. Contact: Kitty Sperling at 867-969-8800

Tier 2 Community Development Fund Recipients

Great Northern Ski Society - $75,000 - To purchase equipment that would permit an improved and safer approach to snowmaking. Contact: Jodie McCutcheon at 867-668-4557

Junction Arts & Music Society - $72,692 - To construct and install improved acoustics and sound system equipment in the St. Elias Convention Centre's Grand Hall to meet standards required to facilitate high quality performing arts events and deliver professional sound technical services. The project also includes some modifications to the existing audio control room. The project will create 1,624 hours of employment for nine people. Contact: Yolande Cherepak at 867-634-2366

Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation - $28,275 - To offer a women's wellness retreat to help high-risk Yukon women gain a greater sense of self esteem and empowerment, and to help lessen social isolation by creating an opportunity to connect, build healthy relationships, and learn from each other in a safe, supportive and fun environment. The project will create 218 hours of employment for 11 people. Contact: Regene Blackjack at 867-863-5576

Sport Yukon - $75,000 - To host and coordinate Hockey Day in Canada in Whitehorse on February 12, 2011. Children from all communities will be able to attend Hockey Day festivities including on-ice and off-ice hockey and life skills clinics which will be hosted by the National Hockey League and CBC personalities. Contact: George Arcand at 867-668-4236

Village of Haines Junction - $68,003 - To develop, design and prepare construction drawings as a first phase of building four new arena changing rooms to be complete with toilets, showers, an access corridor and an expansion of the ice plant room. The project will create 625 hours of employment for five people. Contact: Michael Riseborough at 867-634-7100

Yukon College - $35,861 - Building for the Future (three stages) - This first stage is to examine how effective the current Early Childhood Development (ECD) training is in regard to specific student and community daycare needs, and investigate the unique educational needs of current and potential ECD students in three Yukon communities. The project will create 488 hours of employment for one person. Contact: Dr. Deborah Bartlette at 867-668-8782

Yukon Women in Trades & Technology (YWITT) - $28,493 - To host the We are the Future of Science, Trades and Technology Conference for Grade 9 and 10 girls in celebration of YWITT's 10th anniversary. YWITT will be adding an evening event called ‘We are the Leaders of Science, Trades and Technology.’ The conference will showcase local and national science, trades and technology visionaries, highlight and recognize local industry innovators, and identify and acknowledge volunteers and businesses that are the backbone of YWITT. Two promotional videos will also be created as part of this project. The project will create 508 hours of employment for seven people. Contact: Patricia Curtiss at 867-667-4441