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FOR RELEASE     #10-183
September 22, 2010

Yukoners will need more documents for new cards; fees remain low

WHITEHORSE – This fall, Yukon’s Motor Vehicles Branch will be providing new government-issued secure identification that will safeguard personal information and provide reliable proof of identity, age, and Yukon residency.

“A driver’s licence is no longer a simple piece of ID that means a person can drive,” Community Services Minister Archie Lang said. “Across Canada, driver’s licences have become secure government-issued identification, and Yukon’s new ID cards are no different. The new secure forms of government-issued identification will not only make it more convenient for Yukoners when traveling, it will also guard against identity theft and prevent tampering of photos and date of birth.”

Whether applying for a new driver’s licence or renewing as a long-time driver, all applicants will be required to present additional identity documents the first time they apply for Yukon’s new secure driver’s licence or general identification card.

To obtain new cards, applicants will have to provide a combination of source documents to prove legal name, photo, signature, age, and Yukon residency. Acceptable documents include, a birth certificate, passport, marriage certificate, or health care card.

“The secure enrollment process is essential to ensure that Yukoners receive modern, secure and reliable ID cards that are widely accepted and recognized as valid government-issued ID,” Lang added. 

Yukon’s new ID cards will meet North American standards for secure government-issued identification. The new application process meets standards set by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators.

New regulations to Yukon’s Motor Vehicle Act outline the fees for the new secure cards, and the requirement for applicants to present official documents as evidence of identity, age and place of residence. 

The fee for the five-year driver’s licence will remain at $50. The fee for the five-year general identification card will be $25. Both cards have a $15 replacement fee for lost cards.
Yukoners can find information about the secure cards online at or by contacting Motor Vehicles at or by phone at 867-667-5315, toll-free at 1-800-661-0408, extension 5315.



Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications


Brenda Wale
Communications, Community Services