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September 17, 2010

Employees honoured at 2010 Premier’s Award of Excellence presentations

WHITEHORSE – Four individuals and three teams of Yukon government employees were presented with the 2010 Premier’s Award of Excellence in a luncheon ceremony in Whitehorse today. The annual event honours employees who have demonstrated exceptional achievements and professionalism in the public service.

“The caliber of teamwork and individual effort reflected in this year’s award recipients is exemplary. Your work reflects the standard of professionalism that is the foundation of the delivery of programs and services to Yukon people and to others within government,” Premier Dennis Fentie said, addressing an audience of more than 80 employees, ministers, political leaders and union officials.

The individual recipients of the 2010 Premier’s Award of Excellence are: Dennis Clutton, Public Service Commission; Robert Magnuson, recently retired from the Department of Highways and Public Works; Stu Purser, Department of Highways and Public Works; and Nora Trombley, Department of Health and Social Services.

The teams acknowledged with this year’s award are:

  • the 2010 Interdepartmental Committee for the Vancouver Olympics;
  • the Child and Family Services Act Development Team ; and
  • the Pandemic Coordination Plan Team.

The Premier’s Award of Excellence recognizes the significant accomplishments and outstanding service of Yukon government employee. Tied in to the Investing in Public Service – Serving Yukon People (IPS) initiative, the award aims to strengthen pride in the public service, call attention to its good work and provide an opportunity to showcase individual employee talents and teamwork.


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Backgrounder: 2010 Premier’s Award of Excellence

Individual recipients

Dennis Clutton – Dennis works in the Public Service Commission, Workplace Diversity Employment Office. He has been selected as an award recipient for his on-going work and dedication to the goals of the Corporate Document Destruction Centre and for his innovative approaches in managing the recycling program and working with employees hired through the WDEO. Dennis brings a strong commitment to both environmental and equity principles to his work. Besides the Corporate Document Destruction Centre management, Dennis is also responsible for supervising 15 Auxiliary on Call administrative assistants hired through the WDEO. The representation of people with disabilities in the Yukon government has increased through his efforts and the work of his WDEO colleagues.

Robert Magnuson – Robert has recently retired from the Department of Highways and Public Works. He was nominated to receive the Premier's Award of Excellence for his significant contributions to workplace efficiency. With over 33 years of public service, Robert has been a role model within the Yukon government but his nomination for the Premier’s Award focused on his work to establish mechanisms to better coordinate the planning and management of infrastructure development projects undertaken by the government. His nomination cites Robert’s ability to promote collaboration by setting clear objectives and demonstrating personal commitment to reach project goals as keys to his success.

Stu Purser – Stu is an employee in the Department of Highways and Public Works. His award is for his work as a change agent in the area of health and safety management. Like other recipients of the Premier’s Award of Excellence, Stu insists that any successes in the work he does are shared accomplishments among his colleagues. Others note that Stu has provided the vision and leadership to modernize his branch health and safety program and that other departments can benefit from the work done to update and develop data bases to track safety issues, develop near-miss reports and forms to support a culture that views near misses as learning opportunities to be reported rather than as mistakes to be hidden, create new safety training to support succession planning and to provide tools to shift the delivery of training from being solely a head office function to being a shared function with line operations.

Nora Trembley – Nora has been selected as an award recipient for her leadership in operational areas and for her work on governance models for the betterment of government operations. Nora works in the Department of Health and Social Services. She has been a nurse and administrator for over 30 years and is currently the manager of the community nursing branch. Nora’s nomination focused on her emergency preparedness guidance that led to a state of readiness in the clinical and operational areas before this year’s declaration of a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Nora’s understanding of national standards and incident management benefited Yukon people when it came time to organize human resources, program supports, pharmaceutical supplies, vaccine and the logistics of distribution to all Yukon communities.

Team Recipients

2010 Interdepartmental Committee for the Vancouver Olympics
Team members from the departments of community services, economic development, tourism and culture and the executive council office include Carl Burgess, Lucy Coulthard, Sarah Crane, Dennis Zimmermann, Shanna Epp, Charly Kelly, Trevor Twardochleb, Laurel Parry, Erin Deacon and Karen Keeley.

  • The team promoted inter-departmental cooperation and organized activities for the 2010 Olympics to promote Yukon on the world stage, to celebrate Yukon First Nation cultures, to provide opportunities for Yukon artists and performers and to engage youth and develop sport. They were involved in the torch relay and provided overall coordination for a contingent of more than 100 Yukon artists, performers and games ambassadors at the Olympics. The team worked with the pan-northern working group that included Yukon, NWT and Nunavut to market Canada’s north as a great place to visit, live and invest. 

Child and Family Services Act Development Team
Team members from the departments of health and social services and justice include Bonnie Clark, Anne Westcott, Ewa Dembek, Judy Adams, Pamela Muir, Elaine Schroeder and Joyce Reid.

  • This team was selected to receive a Premier’s Award of Excellence for work on the Child and Family Services Act. This legislation promotes the best interests of the child and improves supports for Yukon families, children and youth. This team worked diligently to develop and maintain relationships with First Nations, community representatives and individuals that are necessary to the success of an initiative of this magnitude. Through consultations, policy forums, working groups and reporting back, team members exhibited leadership, innovation and dedication to their task. Joyce Reid’s award is presented posthumously.    

Pandemic Coordination Plan Team
Team members from the departments of community services and highways and public works include Carl Rumscheidt, Michelle Christensen-Toews, Cathleen Lewis and Michael Templeton.

  • While there were many parts of the pandemic preparedness exercise, this team provided the overall direction and coordination of the pandemic preparedness steps undertaken across government. Supporting the government goal of practicing good government, this project also promoted inter-departmental and inter-agency collaboration providing the leadership necessary to pull together the many threads of this intensive operation.