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FOR RELEASE     #10-174
September 15, 2010

Fifteen community projects receive CDF funding

WHITEHORSE – The Community Development Fund (CDF) is awarding $812,985 to various community projects under Tier 2 funding.

“Money allocated to these projects represents Government of Yukon’s commitment to achieving a better quality of life by building healthy, safe communities with skilled and adaptable people,” Economic Development Minister Jim Kenyon said. “Yukoners will benefit from a number of sport and recreational infrastructure projects and have opportunities to network with local and international professionals to assist and advance the needs of special groups.”

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Society of Yukon (FASSY) was awarded $47,000 to host a symposium where participants will share current research and have the opportunity to network and celebrate successes.

“The name of our symposium is Walking Together - Connecting Practice and Research to Create Change and the goal of the event is to connect researchers with those who are practising in this area,” FASSY Executive Director Brooke Alsbury said. “We want to take what we learn to bring about changes in our existing programs as well as build networks and relationships.

“This is a collaborative project with many local partners. The date for the symposium is September 28 and 29 at the High Country Inn Convention Centre and there has already been a great deal of interest shown,” Alsbury added.

The Yukon Council on disABILITY was awarded $74,100 to design and organize a major international conference entitled Six Steps to Success on best practices related to employing people with disabilities.

"We are very excited about this conference since it will highlight some of the most significant advancement in best practices world-wide. It will open up opportunities for persons with disabilities to find meaningful work and for employers to meet labour market demand,” conference coordinator George Green said. “It will also provide valuable knowledge and skills to assist professionals providing services to persons with disabilities.

“It is our hope that this will be the first step in the development of a Yukon Disabilities Employment Strategy that will help meet the current labour market challenges. Conference presenters and delegates are attending from Canada, the U.S., England, Australia and Germany with over 300 people expected to participate,” Green added.

The next intake deadline for Tier 1 applications is October 15. Organizations are encouraged to contact community development advisors for assistance with their applications and project ideas well before the deadline. To learn more about the CDF, visit or contact the CDF office at 867-667-8125 or 1-800-661-0408, extension 8125.


See backgrounder below.


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Economic Development, Communications


Backgrounder: Tier 2 Community Development Fund Recipients

Biathlon Yukon - $72,040 - To construct a permanent storage and maintenance building for Biathlon Yukon’s snowmobiles. Labour will be provided by volunteers. Contact: Bill Curtis at 867-667-5276

Boys & Girls Club of Whitehorse - $21,000 - To deliver the Weekday Warriors After-school Program for youth in Grades 3 to 6 three days a week. The project will create 960 hours of employment for four people. Contact: Dave Blottner at 867-393-2824

Breakdancing Yukon Society - $59,858 - Cypher Citizens will use a combination of peer mentoring, role-modeling, skill building, and identity training to instill youth aged 8 to18 with a strong sense of community and self-confidence. The project will create 1,493 hours of employment for 12 people. Contact: Lee Randell at 867-333-0453

Champagne and Aishihik First Nations - $57,802 - Phase I: To relocate the existing playground structure on Joe Street to the Takhini River subdivision. Phase II: To purchase and install suitable playground equipment for children and fence the perimeter. The project will create 240 hours of employment for four people. Contact: Michelle Faulkner at 867-634-4249

City of Dawson - $75,000 - To implement the next phase of the Take Back the River project in its long-term revitalization of the Dawson City waterfront, redeveloping the existing landscaping and expanding the infrastructure of the Dyke green space. The project will create 3,000 hours of employment for 30 people. Contact: Marta Selassie at 867-993-2350

Dawson Ski Association - $75,000 - To construct a storage and maintenance shop at the Moose Mountain Ski Hill for use by various community groups to store and maintain winter recreational equipment, including first aid. The project will create 1,820 hours of employment for 22 people. Contact: Torrie Hunter at 867-993-5713

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Society of Yukon (FASSY) - $47,000 - As a member of the Canada Northwest Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Partnerships, FASSY will host a FASD symposium entitled Walking Together Connecting Practice and Research to Create Change to share current research, provide networking opportunities and celebrate successes. The project will create 384 hours of employment for 10 people. Contact: Brooke Alsbury at 867-393-4948

Freedom Trails Therapeutic Riding Association - $72,249 - To build a structure including a tack room, bathroom and space to house the horse simulator. The project will create 984 hours of employment for 10 people. Contact: Judy Fortin at 867-633-5911

Marsh Lake Community Society - $49,660 - To build a multi-purpose shed for the storage and maintenance of the community centre’s equipment and to provide a community workshop and meeting place. The project will create 474 hours of employment for 12 people. Contact: society administrator at 867-660-4999

St. Mary’s Parish - $13,850 - Renovations to stabilize the parish’s foundation and stairs. Contact: Darcy Braga at 867-993-5361

Ta’an Kwäch’än Council - $24,300 - To host three knowledge and sharing camps focused on traditional harvesting skills and tools. The project will create 990 hours of employment for 15 people. Contact: Mark Nelson at 867-668-3444

Village of Teslin - $75,000 - To provide usable space for meeting, training and youth services as well as an unobstructed viewing area of the ice surface for the Teslin arena mezzanine. The project will create 630 hours of employment for seven people. Contact: Frank Thomas at 867-390-2530

Yukon Broomball Association - $72,000 - To perform capital maintenance and upgrades to the broomball rink. The project will create 159 hours of employment for nine people. Contact: Chris Bookless at 867-456-6781

Yukon Council on disABILITY - $74,100 - To design, organize and execute a major international conference entitled Six Steps to Success on best practices related to employing people with disabilities. Local, national and international government departments, organizations and businesses are partnering with the council. The project will create 180 hours of employment for 10 people. Contact: George Green at 867-668-6703

Yukon Horse & Rider Association - $24,126 - To purchase 100 panels to be used for stalls, pens, and/or the riding arena, a new public address system, and repairs and expansion of the show shack. Labour will be provided by volunteers. Contact: Anne Lewis at 867-335-1452