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August 23, 2010

Touring Artist Fund enables national and international showcases for Yukon artists

WHITEHORSE – The Touring Artist Fund approved $39,000 for Yukon artists to present their work at national and international venues.

“The Touring Artist Fund continues to support excellence in the growth and artistic endeavours of Yukon artists,” Tourism and Culture Minister Elaine Taylor said. “Not only do national and international audiences enjoy the performances but the artists themselves gain valuable knowledge and experience that help strengthen their creativity in the visual and performing arts.”

Kim Barlow will receive $7,000 to tour in the Wise and Weathered ensemble with fellow singer-songwriters Raghu Lokanathan from BC and Catherine MacLellan from PEI. The collaborative tour will give the three musicians opportunities to perform together and entertain new audiences.

Suzanne Crocker will receive $9,500 to attend three international film festivals in California, Oregon and Norway. Crocker’s film Time Lines will be screened at the festivals. The exposure for Crocker outside Yukon will help elevate her profile as a Yukon filmmaker.

“In the film industry, it is really important to meet producers, broadcasters and other filmmakers so that we can put a face to a name and a personality,” Crocker said. “Attending film festivals where your film is screening is an excellent forum to meet people in the industry. The Yukon Touring Artist Fund gives filmmakers this opportunity – a great advantage for Yukon filmmakers who otherwise have limited contact with film industry players outside the territory.”

Five Finger Rapids will receive $10,000 to perform at the Nanjing International Jazz and World Music Festival in China. The four member group (Grant Simpson, Kate Weekes, Marg Tatam and Rob Bergman) will perform with other musicians from Belgium, Germany, US and South Africa. They will also have opportunities to collaborate with musicians and composers from China.

Jane Isakson will receive $2,500 to exhibit her paintings at the Haida Gwaii Museum. Isakson’s paintings are the products of two Artist in the Park Residencies in Newfoundland and Yukon. While on Haida Gwaii, Isakson will continue her research and painting, adding pieces to her exhibition From the Outer Edges.

Whitehorse Theatre Ensemble (Eric Epstein, Aaron Nelken and Jessica Hickman) will receive $10,000 to travel to North Vancouver to perform David Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow production. They will work with director Sarah Rodgers for 18 performances at Presentation House Theatre giving them the opportunity to have their work viewed by peers, critics and the public.

Applications to the Touring Artist Fund are accepted four times a year. The next intake deadline is September 15. Applications and guidelines are available at

For more information and to speak with the fund administrator, call 867-667-8789 or toll-free 1-800-661-0408 extension 8789, or email


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Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications


Heather LeDuc
Communications, Tourism & Culture





 Amount Allocated

Five Finger Rapids  Four performances at the Nanjing International Jazz and World Music Festival 


Whitehorse Theatre Ensemble  Whitehorse Theatre Ensemble’s new production of David Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow at Presentation House, North Vancouver 


Suzanne Crocker  Film festival presentations in Norway, Oregon and California


Kim Barlow  Wise and Weathered Collaboration Tour, Alberta-BC, winter 2010  


Jane Isakson  Painting, research and exhibition at Haida Gwaii Museum in Skidegate, BC