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August 5, 2010

Minister Hart launches social inclusion public awareness campaign

WHITEHORSE – Minister of Health and Social Services Glenn Hart is painting the town red today as he launches a public information campaign about social inclusion.

Messages have been painted on sidewalks throughout the city. They include phrases such as: “You can’t stay here,” “You can’t get there” and “You don’t belong here,” followed by “Social exclusion is all around us” and the website address

“We have been working toward a government-wide social inclusion and poverty reduction strategy since last October,” Hart said. “We want to open the dialogue between government and citizens. To do that, we need to ensure we have a common language and a common understanding of what social exclusion, and inclusion, means.”

A socially inclusive society is defined as one where all people feel valued, their differences are respected and their basic needs are met so they can live with dignity. The social inclusion and poverty reduction strategy is developed to identify issues of social exclusion in Yukon society. This campaign builds on the Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction symposium and workshop that took place last April. A follow-up symposium will take place in November.

“The Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Office is grateful to the City of Whitehorse for allowing these messages to be painted on public property and business owners for their enthusiastic support of the campaign,” Hart added.

The paint used on the sidewalks is environmentally friendly and will be pressure-washed off at the end of the campaign in three weeks. Other messages will appear in posters, radio spots, digital signage and other media. Yukon communities will receive posters of the sidewalk messages.

An inter-departmental committee, headed by Health and Social Services, guides the work of the Social Inclusions and Poverty Reduction office. The committee consists of representatives from the departments of Community Services, Education, Executive Council Office (Bureau of Statistics), Health and Social Services, Justice, Women’s Directorate and Yukon Housing Corporation.


Backgrounder attached.

Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications
Marcelle Dubé
Health and Social Services
Christine Paradis
Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction office


Backgrounder: Sample sidewalk message