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FOR RELEASE     #10-143
August 2, 2010

Three-year funding helps achieve equality for women

WHITEHORSE – Nine organizations will receive close to $900,000 over three years to advance women’s equality in Yukon, the Minister responsible for the Women’s Directorate Marian C. Horne announced today.

“This funding is part of our ongoing commitment to address women’s equality,” Horne said. “This long-term, stable funding will help organizations meaningfully address the needs of Yukon.”
The 2010-13 Women’s Equality Funding Program provides support for direct services and programs, research and policy development, education and social action, and the development and capacity of women’s organizations.

In 2007, the program was established in response to a need identified by women’s organizations for more sustained funding, enabling to direct resources at developing longer-term strategies rather than short-term proposals. A 2009 evaluation of Women’s Directorate funding programs also clearly showed the need for long-term operational as well as program funding.

Recipients of 2010-13 funding are Liard Aboriginal Women’s Society, Whitehorse Aboriginal Women’s Circle, Les EssentiELLES, Yukon Women in Trades and Technology, Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre, Yukon Status of Women Council, Elizabeth Frye Society [of] Yukon, Yukon Association for Community Living and Yukon Aboriginal Women’s Council.

Organizations meeting the fund’s criteria were able to apply for up to $50,000 per year for three years.


Backgrounder follows.


Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications

Brenda Barnes
Communications, Women’s Directorate

Backgrounder: 2010-13 Women’s Equality Funding Program recipients

Total funding over three years: $889,985

Liard Aboriginal Women’s Society received $60,00 over three years to design and carry out a youth violence prevention public education campaign, to reinstate women’s equality through the cultural traditions of their communities and to build capacity to strengthen relationships with other Aboriginal women’s groups, the Women’s Directorate and a range of other organizations supporting LAWS’ mandate.

Whitehorse Aboriginal Women’s Circle received $60,000 to support the establishment and maintenance of new permanent office space for the Whitehorse Aboriginal Women’s Circle and staff and to administer and deliver two 18-month projects funded by the Northern Strategy Trust: an Aboriginal Women’s Mentorship Training Program and a culturally relevant gender based analysis program.

Les EssentiELLES received $105,000 over three years to promote social justice and the awareness and prevention of violence; enhance francophone women’s involvement in community development; promote community wellness and participation, and ensure a positive image of francophone women.

Yukon Women in Trades and Technology received $150,000 to maintain the McCrae permanent workshop and office facility, secure funding for day to day operational costs, hire a part-time administration assistant, increase the skills of Yukon women, further increase the pool of female instructors in Yukon and help YWITT become the go-to place for trades training for women in northern Canada.

Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre received $149,885 to continue to mark annual periods of awareness including May’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month, November’s Woman Abuse Prevention Month, December 6, Take Back the Night and International Women’s Day, as well as increase programs on issues such as transportation, leadership, health, work, mothering and violence awareness. The Centre will also increase awareness of barriers to women’s equality, expand the amount of women accessing programs and further develop the Centre’s visibility and community connectedness.

Yukon Status of Women Council received $60,000 over three years to continue to promote its publications and resources, advocate for gender equity, support marginalized women, promote the application of results and recommendations of the YSWC women’s homelessness report “A little Kindness Would Go A Long Way” (increase the capacity of YSWC and engage in public education.

Elizabeth Frye Society [of] Yukon received $120,000 over three years to increase public awareness and promotion of decarceration of women, reduce the number of women who are criminalized and imprisoned in Yukon, increase the availability of community-based, publicly funded, social service, health and educational resources for marginalized, victimized, criminalized and imprisoned women, employ a part-time outreach worker and maintain an office in Whitehorse.

Yukon Association for Community Living received $140,100 over three years to provide support to the Yukon Association for Community Living’s Ynklude collective to help women with disabilities express themselves through a series of artistic endeavours, including workshops to develop writing, singing, visual arts and dance skills, and grow the next generation of Ynklude performers, writers and artists. The project will also develop a mothers’ and sisters’/teen sibling group to mentor and empower Ynklude members to make their own life decisions.

Yukon Aboriginal Women’s Council received $45,000 over three years towards securing and staffing new permanent office space in Whitehorse, building capacity by hiring an executive director, developing and delivering a Yukon Sisters in Spirit project with assistance from the Northern Strategy Trust and continue to deliver education and training programs.