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FOR RELEASE     #10-123
June 29, 2010

Government of Yukon releases arbitration award

WHITEHORSE – Public Service Commissioner Patricia Daws has released the labour arbitrator’s report in the collective bargaining dispute with the Yukon Teachers’ Association (YTA). The report, authored by University of Saskatchewan law professor Beth Bilson, is final and binding on both parties and concludes the collective bargaining process between the government and union.

The report determines collective agreement changes for over 800 teachers, education assistants, remedial tutors and Aboriginal language instructors and provides for economic adjustments of 2 per cent, 2.25 per cent and 2.25 per cent in each year of a three-year collective agreement expiring June 30, 2012.

“We are pleased that the arbitrator heard our submissions and awarded a settlement in keeping with the agreement negotiated earlier this year with the Public Service Alliance of Canada,” Daws said. “Arbitration is a conservative process and interest arbitrators are traditionally cautious about making fundamental changes to the collective agreement that the parties could not agree on.”

The arbitrator declined jurisdiction to deal with the YTA’s submission on class composition but made provisions regarding health and safety, increased the YTA professional development fund by $50,000 and awarded allowance adjustments for principals and vice-principals generally in keeping with economic increases.

The award is expected to cost the government approximately $4 million in wages and associated benefits over the three-year contract. A category V teacher with 10 years’ service will earn $97,845 annually by the end of the contract.

The arbitrator’s decision is posted on the PSC website at



Patricia N. Daws
Public Service Commissioner


Liz McKee
Communications, Public Service Commission