Government of Yukon

FOR RELEASE     #10-114
June 17, 2010

Co-chairs welcome efforts by RCMP public complaints commission

WHITEHORSE – The Review of Yukon’s Police Force co-chairs welcome the assistance of the Commission for Public Complaints against the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in completing its police review.

Review co-chairs Dennis Cooley, the deputy minister for the Department of Justice, Peter Clark, chief superintendent of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police “M” Division, and Simone Arnold, justice programs manager for the Council of Yukon First Nations, say the commission’s analysis of complaints against the RCMP will help fulfill the goals of the review and result in better policing throughout the territory over the long-term.

“The Yukon RCMP fully supports engaging the commission in the police force review process,” Clark said. “Their independent findings and conclusions will be fully incorporated into all of the inputs, considerations and community perspectives that will go into ensuring the best way forward for policing in Yukon.”

The Commission of Public Complaints will take a multi-pronged approach to the review that includes:

  • conducting an onsite detailed review of RCMP files associated with all public complaints lodged since January 1, 2005. Particular emphasis will be paid to complaints alleging improper use of force and allegations of bias based on race;


  • engaging stakeholders to glean their experiences with the RCMP and to ascertain their level of satisfaction with, and confidence in, the RCMP and the public complaint process. This work will be concurrent to the review; and


  • delivering a report to the co-chairs upon the completion of the review that sets out the results of the analysis, trends, findings and conclusions.

The commission will provide its report to the police force review co-chairs this July.

The co-chairs, in consultation with the advisory committee members, are responsible to develop recommendations for action flowing out of the commission’s analysis.



Chris Ross
Communications, Justice
Government of Yukon


Sgt Don Rogers
NCO i/c
“M” Division Strategic Communications
Royal Canadian Mounted Police