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FOR RELEASE     #10-112
June 17, 2010

Nominations for Premier’s Award of Excellence

WHITEHORSE – Yukon government employees nominated for the 2010 Premier’s Award of Excellence were announced today during the annual Yukon Public Service Week barbecue.

“These employees have been nominated in recognition of their exceptional professionalism and contributions as Yukon public servants,” Premier Dennis Fentie said. “They have been recognized by their peers, or by members of the Yukon public they serve. We can all be proud of the examples they have set.”

Minister responsible for the Public Service Commission Elaine Taylor announced nine individual and nine team nominees during the barbeque. The winners will be honoured at a special ceremony in September.

The Premier’s Award of Excellence recognizes the significant accomplishments of Yukon government employees for outstanding service. Tied into the Investing in Public Service (IPS), serving Yukon people initiative, the award aims to strengthen pride in the public service, call attention to the good work of public servants and provide an opportunity to showcase individual employee talents and teamwork.


See backgrounder below.


Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications


Becky Striegler
Communications, Public Service Commission


Backgrounder: Premier’s Award of Excellence

Nominees for individual awards:

Dennis Clutton -- (Public Service Commission)
Dennis has been nominated for his ongoing work and dedication to the goals of the Corporate Document Destruction Centre. He has been cited for his innovative approaches in managing the recycling program.

Marj Hlady -- (Education)
Marj has been a school administrator for almost 30 years. Her nominators describe her as a role model to her staff, students and the community she serves.

Robert Magnuson -- (Highways & Public Works)
Robert is described as a leader within the organization who has made significant contributions to workplace efficiency and effectiveness.

Pamela Muir -- (Justice)
Pamela is nominated for her work with the Legislative Counsel Office in the Justice department – for her leadership and innovative quality control measures that benefit both the government and Yukon.

Guylaine Pagé-Hammond -- (French Language Services Directorate)
As the French web coordinator, Guylaine is described as a person of outstanding achievement in the website maintenance area.

Stu Purser -- (Highways & Public Works)
Stu has been nominated for his work as a change agent in the health and safety management area.

Sue Rudd -- (Health & Social Services)
As the nurse in charge of the Watson Lake Health Unit, Sue is described as a person who strives to reach her personal best while helping others do the same. She takes creative approaches to facilitate community wellness and is a role model for healthy living.

Nora Trombley -- (Health & Social Services)
Nora’s nominators describe her as a leader in operational areas. She has a solid knowledge of governance models and applies lessons learned in one situation to other initiatives for the betterment of government operations.

Joy Waters -- (Environment)
Joy has been described as a leader committed to the public service – not only in her substantive position but also in the way she has helped Yukon government employees over many years understand what it means to be public servants. 


Nominees for team awards:

2010 Interdepartmental Committee for the Vancouver Olympics
Community Services / Economic Development / Executive Council Office / Tourism & Culture
Members: Carl Burgess, Lucy Coulthard, Sarah Crane, Dennis Zimmermann, Shanna Epp, Charly Kelly, Trevor Twardochleb, Laurel Parry, Erin Deacon and Karen Keeley. Among other achievements, the team promoted inter-departmental cooperation and helped Yukon achieve a high profile in Olympic activities.

Aboriginal Employees Forum Steering Committee
Community Services / Education / Energy, Mines & Resources / Health & Social Services / Highways & Public Works / Justice / Public Service Commission
Members: Alla Blysak, Danielle Sheldon, Tracy Neumann, Violet Matthews, Doug Bishop, Roxanne Gunter, Gord Reed, Germaine George, Marge Baufeld and Jay Greenaway. The committee has taken definitive steps to address the Corporate Representative Public Service Plan in the with initiatives such as the Aboriginal Employees Award of Honour and training opportunities.

Child and Family Services Act - Development Team
Health & Social Services / Justice
Members: Bonnie Clark, Anne Westcott, Ewa Dembek, Judy Adams, Pamela Muir, Elaine Schroeder and Joyce Reid.
This team has been nominated for its contribution to the development of legislation to promote the best interests of the child and improve supports for families, children and youth.

Child and Family Services Act - Implementation Team
Health & Social Services
Members: Brad Bell, Ewa Dembek, Elaine Schroeder, Joshua Klassen, Denise Sands, Darrell Jerome, Leon Meyn, Jane Bates and Patricia Fortier.
This team’s achievements are in developing processes, policy and training to support the new legislation – again to support Yukon families, children and youth.

Mining Investment Promotion Team - Web Sub-Committee
Economic Development / Energy, Mines & Resources
Members: Dennis Zimmermann, Bryony McIntyre, Carolyn Relf, Julie Houle, Aubrey Sicotte, Olwyn Bruce, Sarah Crane, Brigitte Parker and Sunny Patch. This committee has been nominated for its work on a web portal for people seeking information on exploration and development work in Yukon.

Student and Parent Guide Team
Community Services
Members: Lee Ann Thomson, Bill Wilcox and Brenda Wale. The team was nominated for its high standard of customer service and for undertaking a project that would have positive long-term benefits for Yukon people. The guide provides parents and students with information from various government agencies on what may be required to enter the workforce for the first time.

Wildlife Viewing Program Team
Members: Bruce Bennett and Carrie McClelland. They are nominated for their dedication to promoting environmental stewardship through innovation, public service and engagement of Yukon people.

Watson Lake Hospital HR Transfer Team
Health & Social Services / Public Service Commission
Members: Megan Slobodin, Lynne Brais, Jo-Anne Innes, Darlene Large, Desiree O’Brien, Renee Paquin, Diane Stewart and Laura Miller-Goodall.
This team promoted interdepartmental collaboration and showed leadership in its work to provide each employee at the Watson Lake Hospital with an alternate job offer if they chose to remain employees of the Yukon government at the time of transfer to the Yukon Hospital Corporation.

Yukon Government Pandemic Coordination Plan Team
Community Services / Highways & Public Works
Members: Carl Rumscheidt, Michelle Christensen-Toews, Cathleen Lewis and Michael Templeton. This team oversaw the pandemic preparedness steps that were undertaken across government by departments and several other related committees. All of the pieces came together under the overall coordination of this team.