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FOR RELEASE     #10-098
June 8, 2010

Sport and recreation grants awarded

WHITEHORSE – Yukon sport and recreation groups receive $935,000 in grants for 2010-11.

“Annual funding to sport and recreation organizations supports programs that improve our quality of life and provide opportunities for Yukoners of all ages to be active,” Community Services Minister Archie Lang said. “The dedication and commitment of our volunteers, coaches, sporting officials and parents help athletes achieve their goals and encourage Yukoners to have active lifestyles.”

The Yukon Recreation Advisory Committee (YRAC) reviews the funding applications from sport organizations, athletes and coaches. 

“Each of these organizations does outstanding work, which is why we recommend funding them. With the help of thousands of volunteers these groups deliver sport, recreation and healthy living programs to Yukoners across the territory,” Yukon Recreation Advisory Committee chair Ron McFadyen said.

This year twenty-six sport governing bodies will receive $520,000 and six special recreation groups will receive $185,000. Sport Yukon will be awarded $130,000 to support core operations and program delivery. The Yukon’s High Performance Athlete and Officials Assistance Program will receive $100,000 to distribute between 27 athletes and four officials.

“The benefits of investing in sport and recreation impact positively on long-term health and builds vibrant communities,” Lang added.

Funding for the annual YRAC grants is made possible through a revenue sharing agreement between the Yukon Lottery Commission and the Government of Yukon. Grants are adjudicated by the advisory committee and administered by the Department of Community Services.


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Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications


Mac Hislop
Communications, Community Services


Attachment: 2010-11 YRAC funding and recipients

Yukon Sport Governing Bodies

Alpine Skiing   $ 15,500
Athletics Yukon 


Basketball Yukon 


Biathlon Yukon 


Cross Country Yukon 


Equine Association of Yukon


Figure Skating 


Freestyle Skiing 


Judo Yukon 


Snowboard Yukon Association 


Softball Yukon 


Squash Yukon 


Swim Yukon 


Synchro Yukon Association 


Table Tennis 


Tennis Yukon Association 


Volleyball Yukon 


Yukon Amateur Hockey Association 


Yukon Amateur Speed Skating Association 


Yukon Badminton Association 


Yukon Curling Association 


Yukon Golf Association 


Yukon Gymnastics Association 


Yukon Orienteering Association 


Yukon Shooting Federation 


Yukon Soccer Association 


Total sport bodies funding  

$ 520,000


Yukon Special Recreation Groups

ElderActive Recreation Association 

 $ 14,000

Girl Guides – Yukon Council 


Recreation & Parks Association of the Yukon 


Skookum Jim Friendship Centre 


Yukon Scout Council 


Yukon Special Olympics 


Total recreation groups funding 

 $ 185,000


2010-11 High Performance Funding – Athletes

Name  Sport  Level 


Dahria Beatty  Cross Country Skiing  Gold 

$ 7,000

Janelle Greer  Cross Country Skiing  Gold 


Knute Johnsgaard  Cross Country Skiing  Gold 


Emily Nishikawa  Cross Country Skiing  Gold 


Danielle Marcotte  Shooting  Gold 


David Greer   Cross Country Skiing Gold 


Graham Nishikawa   Cross Country Skiing Gold 


Colin Abbott  Cross Country Skiing  Gold 


Lee Hawkings   Orienteering Gold 


William Mahoney  Curling  Silver 


Thomas Scoffin    Curling Silver


Mitchell Young  Curling  Silver 


Troy Henry   Speed Skating Silver 


Chelsea Duncan  Curling Bronze 


Jenna Duncan  Curling Bronze 


Linea Eby   Curling Bronze 


Sarah Koltun  Curling   Bronze


Patricia Wallingham   Curling Bronze


Tanner Cassidy  Swimming   Bronze


Erin Oliver-Beebe   Biathlon Bronze 


Kendra Murray  Orienteering  Bronze 


Haley Braga Swimming  Bronze 


Isabel Parkkari  Swimming   Bronze


Rachel Pettitt  Figure Skating  Bronze 


Amelia Austin  Figure Skating  Bronze 


Kirsten Berube   Swimming  Bronze 


Taylor Campbell  Swimming Bronze


Total athletes funding       

 $ 88,500


2010-11 High Performance Funding – Officials

Name   Sport 


Stephen Mooney  Basketball  

  $ 1,000

Tony Gaw  Soccer  


Joyce Bachli  Table Tennis  


Chris Toleman  Squash  


Total officials funding     

 $ 3,500

International event funding*  


Total High Performance Funding  

 $ 100,000

* An additional $8,000 has been allocated to provide grants in the amount of $1,000 or $500 to Yukon athletes who represent Canada and Yukon at specified senior or junior World Championships and other international events.