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FOR RELEASE     #10-085
May 13, 2010

Takhini Elementary and single gender classes move beyond pilot project

WHITEHORSE – Single gender education will become regular business in intermediate grades at the Takhini Elementary School this fall.

“We are supportive of the decision to continue single gender education at Takhini Elementary School,” Christie Whitley, assistant deputy minister of the Public Schools branch with the Department of Education, said. “This is an example of how the school growth process works. The growth planning team and the school council have monitored student achievement and determined that single gender classes are impacting positively on student learning at their school. They will continue to gather evidence and will review again next year.”

This spring, Takhini Elementary school council conducted a single gender pilot survey, which revealed strong support for single gender education in grades 4 through 7. After reviewing the pilot project, teacher and staff observations, and survey results, the school council made a unanimous decision to continue single gender education.

Single gender education is grouping kids by gender for instruction. Starting in the fall, the focus of single gender education at the school will be on grades 4 to 7, where it was considered to have the greatest positive impact. Kindergarten to grade 3 classes will operate under a mixed gender system.

“We’re really excited about moving forward and continuing to work with students in single gender groupings for their academic learning time,” Kelly Collins, Takhini Elementary School principal, said.
The decision marks the end of a two-year pilot project, and the implementation of single gender education at Takhini Elementary will be subject to review, like any other education program.

“We are pleased by the positive changes and growth we have seen in our students,” Takhini Elementary School council chair Jean Reeves said. “We hope parents will continue to stay engaged with the school and help us celebrate what is exceptional about Takhini Elementary.”

Since the introduction of single gender education at the school in the 2008–09 academic year, there has been an increase in overall attendance rates, and a significant reduction in problem behaviours and referrals to the office for discipline.

Single gender education is an innovative way to address student success and relies on a supportive school environment.


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Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications


Yumimi Pang
Communications, Education


Grade 5/6 students, in a single gender classroom, enjoy birdwatching at Swan Haven. In the new school year, the Takhini Elementary School will be implementing single gender education in their intermediate classrooms.