Government of Yukon


FOR RELEASE     #10-071
April 28, 2010

A statement from Justice Minister Marian C. Horne

WHITEHORSE – The Government of Yukon today adjourned debate on Motion 1050, which called for a public inquiry into the death of Raymond Silverfox.

The Yukon Legislative Assembly adjourned debate on Motion 1050 in light of the fact that other investigations and review processes are already underway.

Along with the recent initiative to review policing in Yukon, as agreed to unanimously by the Yukon Legislative Assembly on April 21, the Yukon government concludes that the RCMP and Crown Prosecutor investigation of Silverfox’s death should be completed prior to determining if a public inquiry is required.

A motion where debate has been adjourned remains on the Yukon Legislative Assembly Order Paper and can be recalled at almost any time.



Roxanne Vallevand
Cabinet Communications
Government of Yukon