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FOR RELEASE     #10-066
April 16, 2010

Yukon museums benefit from Special Projects Assistance Program

WHITEHORSE – Thirteen museums and First Nation cultural/heritage centres, along with the Yukon Historical and Museums Association, will share $300,000 for collections, exhibits and other projects.

“Yukon is fortunate to have a wide range of heritage institutions where residents and visitors can learn about our culture and history,” Tourism and Culture Minister Elaine Taylor said. “Each and every one of the projects supported through the program will help ensure that the history of Yukon communities is accessible to its citizens and to visitors for years to come.”

The Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre received $19,200 to inventory and catalogue the Teslin Tlingit Council’s permanent collection of carvings, hidework, beadwork and other artifacts. The collection includes contemporary pieces by artists like Mark Porter, Margaret Douville and Alex Dickson. It also contains donations of historical items such as a vest and mukluks made by the late Mabel Johnson. Mrs. Johnson’s pieces won awards at the 1972 Sourdough Rendezvous beadwork competition and were subsequently purchased by an RCMP officer who has now donated them to the Teslin Tlingit Council.

“This collection is invaluable to our people,” Teslin Tlingit Council Chief Peter Johnston said. “The assistance provided for this project will ensure that the artifacts are well-documented and their authenticity and integrity preserved. We want to share inland Tlingit culture by publicly displaying these works for all Yukoners and visitors to enjoy. There is much to celebrate for the Teslin Tlingit and this growing collection is one of the finest expressions of our culture.”

Since it was first introduced in 2006, the Special Projects Assistance Program has provided over $1.5 million to Yukon museums, First Nation cultural/heritage centres and community interpretive centres. A variety of projects are eligible for funding including exhibit planning, small capital acquisition, conservation projects,
cooperative marketing ventures and revenue generation enhancement.

In addition to this funding program, the Yukon government contributes over $1 million in annual operating funds to Yukon museums, interpretive and First Nation cultural/heritage centres.


Attachments: (1) list of 2010-11 recipients and projects; and (2) photo with caption

Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications
Heather LeDuc
Communications, Tourism & Culture


Attachment: Special Projects Assistance Program recipients (2010-11)


    Recipient Name of Project  Amount Allocated
Dawson City Museum  Collections Project: Phase III: To re-organize the Lind storage facility, physically identify core artifacts, and create storage mounts for artifacts deemed at risk.  40,000
MacBride Museum  To develop four new books to showcase and sell books to help generate revenue for the museum.  40,000
Old Log Church Museum  To improve the gift shop, advertise and develop a website, develop new product, implement an awareness campaign including to summer staff. 39,425
Yukon Historical and Museums Association  Building Bridges: A Marketing Plan for Yukon Museums: to develop new joint advertisements and other marketing initiatives for all museum, interpretive and First Nation cultural/heritage centres in Yukon.  25,703
Yukon Transportation Museum  To develop a website for the museum.  22,334
Northern Lights Space and Science Centre  To upgrade the existing northern lights show to high-definition video format and produce copies to sell in the centre’s gift shop.  19,900
Copperbelt Mining Railway and Museum  To recruit a supervisor/curator for museum in 2010-11 and to document the museum’s collection and upgrade its website.  19,748
Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre  To inventory and register the Teslin Tlingit Permanent Collection.  19,200
Binet House Interpretive Centre To inventory and catalogue artifacts in the Binet House collection.  10,000
10  Keno Mining Museum  To construct an equipment shelter, and paint and stain museum buildings.  18,832
11  Dä Kų Centre  To preserve and enhance heritage by purchasing specialized museum equipment for the Dä Kų Centre  14,460
12 Tagé Cho Hudän Interpretive Centre  To develop exhibits and acquire materials for the museum and the collection.  13,538
13  George Johnston Museum To design, construct and install a wall cabinet specifically designed to display Tlingit artifacts from the museum collection.  10,325
14  Yukon Transportation Museum  To begin developing a digitization program for the museum (phase 1) 5,307
15  Campbell Region Interpretive Centre To construct a mobile display case/diorama for a Fannin sheep.  1,228
   TOTAL 300,000

Teslin Tlingit Council Chief Peter Johnston hosts Tourism and Culture Minister Elaine Taylor (right) and MLA Pelly-Nisutlin Marian C. Horne (left) for a visit at the Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre. (Government of Yukon photo)