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FOR RELEASE     #10-058
April 8, 2010

Equitable, predictable and sustainable staffing for Yukon schools

WHITEHORSE – A multi-party advisory committee has developed a modern staffing allocation formula, based on equity, transparency, predictability, sustainability and accountability Education Minister Patrick Rouble announced today.

“Increasing education outcomes for all Yukon students is a collective responsibility,” Rouble said. “By moving towards collaborative planning, rather than competition, this student-centred decision making will better meet the unique needs of each Yukon school in a fair manner.”

Representatives of the Staffing Allocation Formula Advisory Committee included the Yukon Teachers’ Association; Association of Yukon School Administrators; area superintendents; Association of Yukon School Councils, Boards and Committees, and members from four school councils and the Catholic Education Association of Yukon.

"This committee has put the best interests of the students at the fore and will diligently monitor the process to determine where adjustments are needed, if any,” committee member and Yukon Teachers’ Association president Katherine Mackwood added.

Under the new formula the same number of full-time equivalent teaching positions will be retained, while accommodating staffing allocations to changing student enrolment numbers. Providing school administrators with a timely and transparent staffing allocation process will allow Yukon’s educators to focus more of their valuable energy in the classroom. Ongoing involvement with the advisory committee will allow for future adjustments in a responsive manner.

“We have an obligation to provide each student, no matter which school they attend, the same opportunities to achieve success,” committee member and Hidden Valley School Council chair Rebecca Parnum said. “This new formula addresses this by providing an equitable distribution of staff to each school while also allowing some flexibility to recognize the unique needs of individual students.”

School administrators will be working with educators to implement the new allocation formula in preparation for the 2010-11 school year.



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