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FOR RELEASE     #10-051
March 29, 2010

Victims given a stronger voice through act tabled today

WHITEHORSE – As part of the Victims of Crime Strategy, Justice Minister Marian C. Horne tabled a victims of crime act in the Yukon legislature today.

“Victims deserve a voice in the justice process,” Horne said. “It is important that the act reflects the needs of Yukoners who are victimized by crime.”

The Yukon government has consulted with Yukoners through its legislative advisory committee consisting of the RCMP, the Public Prosecution Service of Canada, First Nations organizations and women’s organizations.

“It was important that Yukoners who work with victims of crime were involved in drafting the legislation and overseeing this consultation,” Horne added. “This way, the new victims of crime act will be a strong piece of legislation that responds to the needs of Yukoners.”

The bill contains a victims’ bill of rights which affirms a victim’s right to information and consideration during the justice process. It also establishes the duties of the victim services’ director to provide services to victims of crime.

The Victims of Crime Strategy was released to the public last August. The strategy lays out the framework for improving services to victims in the communities and increasing partnerships with First Nations and non-government organizations.


Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications
Chris Ross
Communications, Justice