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FOR RELEASE     #10-039
March 16, 2010

Yukon government signs new medevac contract with local carrier

WHITEHORSE – A new five-year medevac contract will improve services to Yukon residents requiring emergency air transportation to hospitals within Yukon and in British Columbia and Alberta.

The contract was awarded to local firm Alkan Air and announced jointly by Health and Social Services Minister Glenn Hart and Community Services Minister Archie Lang. The contract length will be five years, with an option to extend for two additional years.

“We are pleased that Alkan Air has been awarded the contract,” Hart said. “Yukon citizens who require a medevac will now have access to two dedicated medevac aircrafts. The fee will be set for a five-year period, so while we can’t predict how many individuals will require the service, we can predict what our basic costs will be. This should help us monitor health care costs.”

Previously, only one plane was dedicated for medevac services, while a second plane was able to be used only when it was available.

“Medevac services in Yukon are critical for efficient and effective emergency response,” Lang said. “Our Emergency Medical Services (EMS) team, including the medevac critical care paramedics and nurses, are committed to excellent pre-hospital care, and with reliable air transportation to hospitals, Yukoners will receive the best service possible.”

Both ministers acknowledged the Highways and Public Works department for their work in the contracting process.

“Together, we are working to improve the health care and supports that we provide to Yukon citizens,” Hart said.

Yukon’s medevac program is paid for by Health and Social Services, as a service for insured Yukon citizens who must be sent south for health care services not provided in Yukon and in emergency situations. EMS medevac critical care paramedics and nurses are part of the Protective Services team within Community Services.




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