Government of Yukon

FOR RELEASE     #10-030
March 3, 2010

Recycling fund invests in community projects

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon government’s Recycling Fund is supporting new projects in three Yukon communities.

“Recycling reduces our impact on the environment and is possible in every Yukon community,” Environment Minister John Edzerza said. “I appreciate the work by volunteers and paid staff alike to help Yukoners recycle and reuse efficiently.”

The projects most recently funded by the Recycling Fund are:

  • Conservation Klondike Society – $1,050 to purchase a utility trailer for picking up recyclable materials from around Dawson City;
  • Faro Woodwork - Bottle Depot  – $3,290 to purchase and install metal siding to prevent weather damage to its two buildings; and
  • P&M Recycling – $4,733 to purchase 1,000 five-gallon plastic pails to handle and transport colour-sorted crushed glass. This project is part of a wider effort to develop new markets and uses for waste glass.

The Recycling Fund gets its revenues from deposits paid on beverage containers and tires. In addition to paying community depots and processors a per unit handling fee, the Recycling Fund provides up to $40,000 each fiscal year for projects that help increase recycling rates or improve recycling depots. A total of five projects have been funded in 2009-10.

Support for recycling is part of the Yukon government’s ongoing response to climate change. Recycling reduces the demand for raw material and energy inputs to the manufacturing stage of a product’s life cycle, thereby conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.



Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications


Nancy Campbell
Communications, Environment