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March 3, 2010

Yukon artists explore new venues through touring opportunities

WHITEHORSE – The Touring Artist Fund will provide $35,700 to nine performing, visual and literary artists to present their work at national and international venues.

“It is inspiring to see so many Yukon artists touring their work across Canada and internationally,” Tourism and Culture Minister Elaine Taylor said. “These artists will follow up on the enthusiasm for Yukon culture demonstrated at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. This is a very exciting time for Yukon artists to be exploring new markets and building outside audiences with an appreciation for Yukon’s artistic diversity and excellence.”

Ensemble band Annie Lou, featuring local musicians and songwriters Anne Louise Genest and Kim Barlow, will follow up the success of its debut album with a tour to folk festivals in Calgary, Alberta; Vancouver, Harrison and Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

“Annie Lou is so fortunate to have been selected to perform at several major folk festivals this summer,” Genest said. “This tour represents a huge opportunity for us to share our music with new audiences in new venues, and we are grateful to the Touring Artist Fund for its support. This is a unique fund that goes a long way towards making touring a feasible activity for Yukon artists.”

Visual artists Catherine Deer and Jane Isakson will be showcasing their work, and the north, in an exhibition entitled The Yukon and Beyond at the Kootenay Gallery in Castlegar, BC. Both Deer and Isakson are known for their highly original and personal interpretations of Yukon and northern Canada.

“It is so important for artists of all disciplines to be able to share their work with others beyond the territory, creating exposure for the artists as well as for Yukon,” Isakson said. “I’m happy to have a selection of paintings about the north travel outside to be shared with a new audience, and I am very appreciative of the Touring Artist Fund for its assistance.”

Applications to the Touring Artist Fund are accepted four times a year. The next intake deadline is March 15. Applications and guidelines are available online at

For more information or to consult with the fund administrator call 867-3535, toll-free 1-800-661-0408 ext. 3535 or email


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Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications


Heather LeDuc
Communications, Tourism & Culture



Touring Artist Fund recipients, December 15, 2009 intake



Name of Project  


Project Description 


 Amount Allocated


Kim Beggs 


Music tour 


Music tour through southern Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta and BC  




Annie Lou 


Annie Lou Summer Festival Tour 2010 


Music tour to four major Canadian folk festivals in the summer of 2010 




Dennis Shorty 


Solo art exhibit in Germany 


Solo art show with artist talks and guided tours 




Jerome Stueart 


Book launch  


Reading in Brighton England as part of a book launch of Evolve 




Lance Blomgren 


Three projects in Montreal 


Exhibitions and studio visits in Montreal 




Catherine Deer 


"The Yukon and Beyond" art exhibit 


Two person art exhibit at the Kootenay Public Art Gallery  




Brian J. Francis 


Art show 


Gallery exhibition in Castlegar, BC 




Jane Isakson 


"The Yukon and Beyond" art exhibit 


Two person art exhibit at the Kootenay Public Art Gallery  




Calvin Morberg


Art show 


Gallery exhibition in Castlegar, BC









Tourism and Culture Minister Elaine Taylor and Dennis Shorty at the Four Host First Nation market in downtown Vancouver on Yukon Day, February 20.