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February 19, 2010

Yukon Day highlights Canada’s Northern Weekend at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games

WHITEHORSE – Yukon is positioning itself to celebrate Canada’s Northern Weekend by promoting culture, sport and business opportunities at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games on two fronts.

Yukon’s pan-north marketing partnership with the Northwest Territories and Nunavut will give the three territories a strong presence during the Games by taking advantage of Canada’s Northern House as a focal point to share stories with the media and public. In addition, a multitude of cultural activities are taking place at Celebration Sites and other venues throughout the lower mainland.

Yukon Day on February 20, part of Canada’s Northern Weekend, has spawned a special northbound Olympic media and trade familiarization tour organized by the Yukon government and the Tourism Industry Association of Yukon. Media and travel trade members will fly to Whitehorse to experience a collage of northern cuisine, lifestyles and winter activities. The special tour will help promote Yukon and foster future relationships around tourism, sport and economic development.

“This northbound charter is unique to Canada’s North,” Premier Dennis Fentie said. “The new relationships forged over this special weekend will give Yukon’s tourism and business sectors opportunities to grow awareness of Yukon’s brand and promote unique tourism experiences.”

“On behalf of industry, we are very pleased to partner with the Yukon government to raise awareness of Yukon as a travel destination at the Olympics,” Tourism Industry Association of Yukon president Rod Taylor said. “The many tourism operators involved in this special media and trade Fam tour are excited about the opportunity to share Yukon’s iconic winter experiences with participants from around the world.”

Yukon Day activities in BC include visual and performing artists, musicians, and Arctic Sports and Dene Games athletes attending Celebration sites in Vancouver, Grouse Mountain and Whistler. Twelve Yukon artists and ensembles will perform as part of the Cultural Olympiad. The southbound Air North Yukon charter is giving residents and local media opportunities to visit Canada’s Northern House and other Olympic venues. One Word: The Yukon Experience will be presented at BC Place Stadium as part of Yukon Day’s victory celebrations. 

Yukon First Nations Day on February 21 activities will include What the Land Remembers: Tales of Raven and Wolf performed at the Aboriginal Pavillion.

“The Olympics are about sports and athletes pursing their dreams of excellence. It’s also about sharing our diverse cultures from across Canada with others,” Deputy Premier and Tourism and Culture Minister Elaine Taylor said. “Yukon is doing just that as part of Canada’s Northern Weekend.”




Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications


Karen Keeley
Communications, Tourism & Culture