Government of Yukon

FOR RELEASE     #10-026
February 12, 2010

Sport, culture and youth ambassador contingent heading to Vancouver

WHITEHORSE –The sport, culture and youth ambassador teams representing Yukon at the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games gathered in Whitehorse for a send-off event.

“The strength of Yukon is in its people, and our team of sports, culture and youth participants will make us all proud in Vancouver,” Tourism and Culture Minister Elaine Taylor said. “The team’s energy and vitality exemplifies their love of Yukon. Attending Canada’s Games on behalf of Yukon will give them opportunities to share their stories and talents with others, demonstrating Yukon as a great place to live, work, and invest.”

“Sport and recreation, and the opportunities each provides, contribute enormously to the well-being of Yukoners,” Community Services Minister Archie Lang said. “On behalf of all Yukoners, I hope they enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent Yukon.”

The information briefing session brought together youth ambassadors, Arctic Sport and Dene Games athletes, and artists and performers involved in the cultural, sport and hospitality aspects of promoting Yukon at Canada’s Games.


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Roxanne Vallevand
Cabinet Communications


Karen Keeley
Communications, Tourism & Culture


Mac Hislop
Communications, Community Services



Yukon Sport and Recreation Delegation to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games

Yukon’s sport and recreation delegation includes sports technical officials, youth ambassadors, Arctic Sports and Dene Games demonstration athletes, coaches and support staff.

For photos and highlights of Yukon’s 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games sport delegation, visit


Volunteer Technical Officials

Agnes Riedeger   speed skating
Barry Sugden    speed skating
Cynthia Onions speed skating
Claude Chabot   cross-country skiing
Marg White   curling
Ted Dean   biathlon


Youth Ambassadors

 Andrew Craigen
 Brittany Greer
 Janna Tait
 Kluane Adamek
 Lia Johnson

Arctic Sports and Dene Games

Chris Nash coach
Cody Wilkinson coach
Samantha John coach
Jordan Howse athlete
Joshua Carr athlete
Melissa Howell athlete
Tyler Wynnyk athlete


Community Services, Sport and Recreation Staff

Charly Kelly First Nations/community recreation consultant
Trevor Twardochleb sport consultant

Yukon Cultural Olympiad at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games
Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad has been an ongoing celebration of the contemporary imagination. Beginning in 2008, a series of three multi-disciplinary festivals haven taken place and will culminate at the 2010 Games. This was the first time an Olympic Winter Games began hosting a Cultural Olympiad two years before the Games actually began.

See Yukon government news release for more information on the Cultural Olympiad:

February 2, 2009, Yukon Performers in Cultural Olympiad 2009 Announced
November 24, 2009, Yukon Talent Will Take to the Stage at 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games


Culture at 2010

Soir de Semaine
Pascal St. Laurent
Alain des Rochers
Marie-Maude Allard
Marc Paradis
Cory Chouinard

Root Sellers
Daniel Ashley
Galen Ashley
Fiona Solon
Juan Ciannani
Puryakhalil Khalili

Sasquatch Prom Date
Ryan McNally
Genesee Keevil
Ian Stewart
Patrick Singh

Sophisticated Cavemen
Rick Sward
Lara Lewis
Graeme Peters
Ivan Zenovitch
Ched Dunham

Spring Breakup
Mathias Kom
Kim Barlow

Yukon Urban Dance Ensemble
Michelle Fisher
Mellisa Kwok
Valerie Herdes
Grace Simpson-Fowler
Riley Simpson-Fowler
Nicholas Robinson
Alexander Robinson
Benjamin Robinson
George Rivard
Jada Powell
Jessica Hickman
Tellyse Parent
Jordan Reti
Andrea Simpson-Fowler

Visual Artists
Meshell Melvin
Nicole Bauberger
Lena White

Dakká Kwáan Dancers
Heather Callaghan
William Callaghan
Marilyn Jensen
Megan Jensen
Blake Lepine
Jared Lepine
Jared Lutchman
Sally Lutchman
Gary Sidney-Johnson
Sean Smith
Andrameda Hunter

Staff/Production Team
Michele Emslie
Andrea Burgoyne
Mary Bradshaw
Dean Eyre
Jenny Hamilton
Patrick Matheson
Celia McBride
Debbie Peters
Al Cushing
Jennifer Bowen
Michael Martyn (Ontario)
Cultural Olympiad (Yukon Artists) 2009/2010
Lyn Fabio
Helen O’Connor
Paul Gort
Hannah Jickling and Valerie Salez
Hans Gatt

Cultural Olympiad (Performing Artists) 2009/2010
Daniel Janke & Longest Night Society
Ivan Coyote
Soir de Semaine
Gordie Tentrees
Spring Break Up (Kim Barlow and Mathias Kom)
Dakká Kwáan Dancers
Yukon Canada International Snow Sculpting Team (Don Watt, Mike Lane, Gisli Balzer and Shai Baxendale)

Also appearing courtesy of 2010 events
Manfred Janssen
Charlie Wilson
Jude Wong