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FOR RELEASE     #10-014
January 28, 2010

Funding enhancements advance work on gender equity

WHITEHORSE – The Government of Yukon has enhanced the Women’s Equality Fund, Marian C. Horne, Minister responsible for the Women’s Directorate announced today.

“This funding increase is part of our ongoing commitment to address women’s equality,” Horne said. “This support will result in long-term stable funding for organizations working to meaningfully address the needs of Yukon women through education, skills advancement, leadership, research, advocacy and violence prevention.”

Enhancements to the Women’s Equality Fund mean that organizations working on behalf of women can apply for renewable, three-year funding for either operational or project needs. A recent evaluation of Women’s Directorate funding programs clearly showed the need for long-term operational funding. Valuable resources can now be applied to longer term strategies to increase women’s equality, support, safety and security.

“The longer term funding provided by the Women’s Equality Fund allowed us to expand within the community and to plan ahead to deliver programming and annual events, rather than focus our time on seeking funding,” Les EssentiElles director Ketsia Houde said.

Funding for the Women’s Community Project Fund has also been doubled and proposals are eligible for consideration at any time during the year.

Enhancements to these two funding programs follow the 2009 doubling of the Prevention of Violence against Aboriginal Women Fund. This fund is for programs and events designed and developed to support Aboriginal women in all Yukon communities to reduce violence.

The Women’s Equality Fund, first introduced in 2007 at $175,000, has been increased to $300,000 annually and renewed for 2010-2013. In its first offering, the Women’s Equality Fund supported seven organizations.

The Women’s Equality Fund application deadline is February 22. For more information, fund guidelines and application forms visit


See backgrounder below.


Roxanne Vallevand
Cabinet Communications


Shauna Curtin
A/Director, Women’s Directorate


Background: Women’s Equality Fund first intake recipients and projects.

  • Liard Aboriginal Women’s Society

Year 1: $34,000 Year 2: $35,000 Year 3: $35,000

To increase public awareness and inform public debate on women’s key concerns regarding governance; and to achieve an informed consensus among Kaska women regarding the Kaska national constitution.
  • Whitehorse Aboriginal Women’s Circle (WAWC)

Year 1: $34,000 Year 2: $35,000 Year 3: $35,000

To set up a WAWC office; hire an executive director to build capacity for an Aboriginal Women’s Centre in Yukon; develop and design culturally appropriate and relevant programs and services; and provide programs, services and advocacy to clients.
  • Les EssentiELLES

Year 1: $25,250 Year 2: $35,000 Year 3: $35,000

To develop awareness campaigns in French on different themes affecting equality of Yukon women:
• sexual, verbal and physical violence against young, adult and senior women,
• the economy and recognition (equal work, equal pay), and
• the rights of women.
  • Yukon Women in Trades and Technology

Year 1: $31,550 Year 2: $35,000 Year 3: $35,000

To increase the skill sets of Yukon women by enhancing self-sufficiencies and generating interest in pursuing trades; increase the skill sets of Yukon tradeswomen; and increase the pool of female instructors available in Yukon.
  • Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre

Year 1: $10,100 Year 2: $13,500 Year 3: $13,000

To increase accessibility of the women’s centre; increase the number of strength-building activities at the centre; raise awareness of issues that limit or reduce the well-being of women; encourage more Yukon women to become leaders; and encourage a greater recognition of the intrinsic value of women.


  • Yukon Status of Women Council

Year 1: $20,000 Year 2: $20,000 Year 3: $20,000

To build on the work of the Northern Women and Homelessness project by following up on recommendations made in the “A Little Kindness Would Go a Long Way,” report, and promoting the research results to positively affect housing options for women in Yukon.
  • Yukon Human Rights Commission

Year 1: $20,000 Year 2: $0         Year 3: $0        

To research, outreach and consult with Yukon women and girls to identify gaps in the current legislation respecting human rights protection of women and girls; and identify barriers to the use of the commission’s services by Yukon women and girls.


Year 1: $174,900
Year 2:   173,500
Year 3:   173,500

Total $521,400

Additional background:

There are three primary funds administered by Women’s Directorate:

  1. The Women’s Equality Fund has been increased from $175,000 per year to $300,000 per year. In addition, up to $50,000.00 per annum for project proposals can now be considered.
  2. The Prevention of Violence against Aboriginal Women Fund now provides $200,000 yearly for programs and events designed and developed for Aboriginal women in their communities. The maximum allowable amount has been increased to $25,000 for one-year projects and $50,000 for two-year projects.
  3. The Women’s Community Projects fund has been doubled, to $10,000 annually. This fund will offer flexible year-round applications for amounts up to $1,000.