Government of Yukon

FOR RELEASE     #10-013
January 28, 2010

Public consultation period on energy policies extended

WHITEHORSE – The public consultation period for developing Yukon policies for independent power production (IPP) and net metering has been extended until February 25, Energy, Mines and Resources Minister Archie Lang announced today.

“This extension will ensure that Yukoners have the opportunity to participate in developing these significant policies,” Lang said. “It is important that Yukon continues to plan for our future energy needs.”

As initiatives of the Energy Strategy for Yukon, the two policies are intended to foster the development of additional sources of electricity for Yukoners from cleaner or renewable sources.

Independent power producers are private companies or individuals that generate electricity for sale to the public utilities. They do not own transmission infrastructure and rely on public utilities to purchase and distribute the power they produce.

Net metering would allow homeowners or businesses that produce their own energy from renewable sources such as wind or solar to connect these sources to the grid. These small renewable energy producers would be eligible to receive a credit for the surplus energy they provide.

Public consultation on developing these policies began last November and was originally scheduled to close on January 29. The extension of another month will allow stakeholders, experts and members of the public more time to provide comments.

A discussion paper providing an overview of Yukon’s electrical system, as well as the key issues to be addressed by the policy can be downloaded from the Energy, Mines and Resources website at




Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications


Chris Wearmouth
Communications, Energy, Mines & Resources